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Windy Space Anomalies (SPK0900)

Effect Length:  1.21

Some long and extraordinary swoosh sounds.
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Windy Space Flybys (SPK0794)

Effect Length:  0.20

Windy sounding flyby sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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Wormhole Suction Whooshes (SPK0799)

Effect Length:  0.20

Odd wormhole suction sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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Jackhammer (SPK0693)

Effect Length:  1.34

A hammering ambience sound of a construction site jackhammer in action.
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Bubbles (SPK0565)

Effect Length:  0.12

Sound of some single bubbles bubbling.
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Steady Bubbling (SPK0566)

Effect Length:  0.47

Steady bubbling water sound.
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Fast Bubbling (SPK0567)

Effect Length:  0.45

Steady and fast water bubbling sound.
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Chaotic Bubbling (SPK0568)

Effect Length:  2.28

Sound of chaotic water bubbling.
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Computer Fan (SPK0716)

Effect Length:  1.09

The sound of a steady running fan of a desktop computer.
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Plastic Chirp (SPK0255)

Effect Length:  0.39

Some air whistling.
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