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Boiler Room Ambience (SPK0061)

Effect Length:  1.00

A basement boiler room ambience.
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Children Chatting German (SPK0062)

Effect Length:  2.34

Class room ambience with child voices.
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Radiator Gurgling Sound (SPK0063)

Effect Length:  0.14

Gurgling water pipe noise.
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Urinal Flushes (SPK0064)

Effect Length:  1.06

Flushing a public urinal.
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Washbasin Sounds (SPK0065)

Effect Length:  0.50

Washing hands.
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Water Runs Off Drain (SPK0066)

Effect Length:  0.06

Water running off a washbasin drain.
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Plastic Bucket Fill (SPK0067)

Effect Length:  0.30

Filling a plastic bucket with water.
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Small Waves Splashing (SPK0068)

Effect Length:  1.12

Close small waves.
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City Ambience Germany (SPK0069)

Effect Length:  2.11

German city ambience.
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Between Train Wagons (SPK0070)

Effect Length:  1.43

Noisy train ride ambience between wagons.
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