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Unsavoury Location

Track Length:  2.49 | Additional Versions : 1

At first, this piece offers a harsh and heavy industrial soundscape. Brash and invasive waves of sound disorientate you as the mood and gloom continue...
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Unsavoury Location (Loop)

Track Length:  0.35

A short version of 'Unsavoury Location' for looping.
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Breathe the Beast

Track Length:  2.47

Rhythmic electronic sway ebbing in and out with menacing sweeps and otherworldly shimmering injections. Envelopes feelings of urgency, anxiety and fea...
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Evil Within

Track Length:  2.40

Insistent rumbles ebb and flow among waves of echoing subterranean textures and shimmering accents. Calls forth feelings of trepidation, stress and un...
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Heedless Decline

Track Length:  2.33

Low rushing undertones encompass intermittent pulses mixed with sweeping spacey accents and distant echoing gongs. Evokes feelings of fitful apprehens...
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Track Length:  3.00

Unnerving high-pitched sweeps echo among menacing low toned inflections conjuring feelings of dread, impending doom, and suspense. Well suited for inq...
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Track Length:  2.45

Metallic bell tones echo in the distance intertwined with mournful rumbles and sweeping howls graduating to suspended high note accompanied by low rum...
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Psycho Stalker

Track Length:  2.39

Low pulse with smatterings of industrial textures and dissonant hums, calling forth feelings of agitated despair and cautious trepidation. Ideal for f...
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Track Length:  2.42

Menacing low pulse morphs into unnerving low drone with undulating, exoteric textures. Conjures feelings of dread, tension, and disorientation. Good f...
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