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African Voices

This world music is African in style with chanting and strong rhythms. Ideal for public venue use as this music is PRS free, Public Safe Music. Equally usable in broadcast and media.

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Results for African Voices

Okrika Sunset

Track Length:  2.33

African male voices hum in harmony over a synthesised string pad. Relaxing and atmospheric.
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Sai Gobe

Track Length:  5.09

Male African voices with a happy world beat.
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He Le Luma

Track Length:  4.53

Very upbeat African piece with female voices. This track is happy, optimistic and bright.
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Rites of Passage

Track Length:  4.45

Bright piece with an African flavour featuring male voices, bright piano and world percussion.
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Land of Dreams

Track Length:  4.47

A chorus of male and female African tribal voices with subtle hand drums. Half way through western instruments join what started as a very organic tra...
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Mmiri Umuaka

Track Length:  5.06

Deep African male voices make this song very distinctive. The happy beat provides a backing for the vocals.
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Ilekun dAfrica

Track Length:  5.33

Mystical African feel to start with but then the music picks up with a lively and happy beat.
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Track Length:  5.16

A chorus of female African singers start this bright piano piece.
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Tribal Rhythm

Track Length:  7.07

Very strong tribal African rhythm with African female solo vocal in a slightly hypnotic chant style.
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Track Length:  5.23

Dance style with African rhythms and voices but with western instruments.
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