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Fiesta del Sur

Track Length:  3.22

Modern Flamenco Rumba with guitar, clapping and female singing.
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Track Length:  3.31

Spaghetti western sound, Tarantino meets Morricone, Spanish guitar and Whistle.
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Track Length:  3.45

Laidback Latin groove with Flamenco guitar melodies.
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Dancing Waves

Track Length:  4.17

Electronic dance beat with Spanish Ibiza touch.
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Sea Eagle

Track Length:  3.33

Relaxing Spanish guitar leading to up-tempo groove.
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Sorry About That

Track Length:  4.18

Atmospheric Spanish guitar and synth intro, leading to laidback groove with flamenco touch.
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Spy Me

Track Length:  3.38

Sinister part A and Latin up-tempo Santana like guitar Part B.
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Swaying Hammock

Track Length:  4.14

Latin laidback track, Acoustic feel with percussion, Spanish guitar with Flamenco touch.
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The Last Journey

Track Length:  3.28

Flamenco guitar Intro leading to chill-out groove and melancholic melody.
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Waiting For Your Call

Track Length:  3.34

Laidback Spanish guitar melodic ballad with male chorus.
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