Dick De Benedictis and Thomas Stobierski

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Sym Groove

Track Length:  3.21 | Additional Versions : 9

Highly suitable for chase scene, action sequence or sports, extreme sports, this track uses a combination of a big orchestral sound with electronic t...
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Track Length:  3.32 | Additional Versions : 11

It's time for glory and honour, advanced tactics. An intense, patriotic, and very determined track, suitable for battle, conflict and high-tech warfar...
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Track Length:  3.25 | Additional Versions : 11

Dark and dramatic track for action, chase, battle, etc. A sense of urgency, impending danger. Mixing orchestral and electronic elements to great effec...
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Crystal Garden

Track Length:  3.17 | Additional Versions : 8

Majestic, sci-fi or future inspired. Grand, epic arrangement using a mixture of opera voice, electronic drums and big orchestra. Very cinematic. This ...
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Digital Voodoo

Track Length:  3.46 | Additional Versions : 15

Film score style music track blending hard electronic percussion, almost industrial, with a huge orchestral sound. Staccato, aggressive, urgent, almos...
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Track Length:  3.49 | Additional Versions : 11

Mixing orchestral sounds with a determined breakbeat drum track, this piece is highly suitable for a cool, slick, hard hitting chase film scene, or fo...
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KA Fighters

Track Length:  3.34 | Additional Versions : 8

Orchestral meets breakbeat in this big production of high-tech, determined and forceful film soundtrack. Futuristic, dramatic, powerful. Perhaps mechs...
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Track Length:  3.19 | Additional Versions : 10

A dark, mean, conflict-laden and tense high-tech soundtrack. Featuring a full orchestral sound over electronic and industrial breakbeat drum tracks. S...
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The Toll

Track Length:  3.58 | Additional Versions : 8

Monolithic, uprising, epic and dramatic; this piece features a dark, electronic, futuristic drum beats and massive orchestral chords. Conflict, perhap...
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