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Yacht Life

Track Length:  3.19 | Additional Versions : 8

Feel-good, smooth and luxurious chill-out / soft instrumental track. Somewhat sensual or luxurious. Breezy, with a very slight Spanish or Mediterranea...
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Track Length:  4.12 | Additional Versions : 10

Emotional and cathartic film score track with passionate piano overture evolve to an intense and moving theme. Synth and piano main theme with spatial...
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Track Length:  2.14

Very positive track with a live guitars in bluesy rock-n-roll style. Classic rock / rockabilly / blues-rock. Nice solo of el drive guitar. 170 BPM.
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Yeah We Be

Track Length:  3.59

Laidback hip-hop R&B track with groovy beats.
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Year of The Wizards

Track Length:  1.34 | Additional Versions : 1

An eventful, lively and grand Adventure / Fantasy track with a sense of magic, amazement and wonderment. Full orchestral sound, with choir. 150 BPM.
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Track Length:  1.39 | Additional Versions : 9

A universally appealing, pleasant and positive Pop-Rock track. Easy-going but catchy piano and guitar melodies. Optimistic, homey and friendly. 68 BPM...
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Years Before Me

Track Length:  2.25 | Additional Versions : 6

A slightly folksy, acoustic pop-rock track. Positive and bright with a catchy melody. Country life, happy days, outdoor/hobby. Family and friendships....
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Yellow Days

Track Length:  1.52 | Additional Versions : 5

Feel good piano melody. Inspirational and corporate. Driving and Happy theme. 120 BPM.
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Yellow Garlands

Track Length:  4.08 | Additional Versions : 7

A very bright and happy Hawaiian track with twangy, swaying slide guitar. The first verse is laidback and lazy; the later verses more bouncy and up-te...
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Yellow Guitar

Track Length:  3.20 | Additional Versions : 5

A pretty and graceful, warm and comforting acoustic guitar track. Love and friendships, perhaps a peaceful day by the lake, a little time for reflecti...
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