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Track Length:  1.56 | Additional Versions : 6

Happy, up-tempo 'Hot Club of France' type jazz / country crossover.
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Tactical Moves

Track Length:  2.15 | Additional Versions : 7

Determined, serious underscore track for political thriller or drama. Slight military or SWAT team feeling, going through preparations, moving into po...
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Tai Chi 01

Track Length:  5.47

This flowing oriental style piece has a bright feel to it with flutes, bells, chimes, harp sounds and strings.
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Tai Chi 02

Track Length:  4.18

This piece of music has an oriental style with tambourines, bells, chimes and world instruments. It has a slightly mysterious feel to it.
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Tai Chi 03

Track Length:  10.05

A reflective oriental piece of music with flutes and harp sounds. It uses world instruments of the Far East.
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Tai Chi 04

Track Length:  5.51

There are lots of chimes and world oriental sounds in this very slow and atmospheric piece. It has some optimistic themes.
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Tai Chi 05

Track Length:  4.14

This oriental world music piece has a strong beating drum rhythm with instrumentals in a Far Eastern style. Once it gets going the melody is positive ...
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Tai Chi 06

Track Length:  6.55

This world track starts with an atmospheric underscore for a mysterious melody played on a fiddle. The music contains oriental themes and feels quite ...
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Tai Chi 07

Track Length:  5.50

A flowing melody accompanies piano and instruments of the Far East in this free flowing melody that is positive and optimistic.
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Tai Chi 08

Track Length:  3.44

Chimes emulate rain at the beginning of this oriental music piece. The track is slow and majestic in feel.
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