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La Cantine

Track Length:  0.18

A short quickstep / swing jazz tune with clarinet melody. Sort of a sound-alike of the Cantina music track from Star Wars. Great for intro screens, co...
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La Chica

Track Length:  3.24 | Additional Versions : 9

Funky Latino strut. Positive and a little bit playful Latin dance music / Reggaeton with a hot blooded core. Spanish / Puerto Rican / South America / ...
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La Doctora

Track Length:  2.47 | Additional Versions : 9

Positive, upbeat and energetic track! It starts with a warm and Latin intro and evolves to an energetic Drum n Bass chorus. Perfectly suitable for any...
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La Drama Tango

Track Length:  2.09 | Additional Versions : 17

Seductive and flowing, this tango puts us right in the middle of Latin-flavoured tensions and lust. It conveys a sonic drama that can be imported into...
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LA Legend

Track Length:  3.03 | Additional Versions : 8

Hip Hop track with a serious tone, a slight sense of impending doom, somewhat dark with dramatic strings, deep thumping sub-bass and hip-hop / R&B syn...
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La Mancha

Track Length:  1.28 | Additional Versions : 7

Classical Spanish / Latin style with two acoustic guitars and castanets. Nice and easy with a good feeling.
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La Marseillaise - French National Anthem

Track Length:  1.06 | Additional Versions : 1

The French national anthem, La Marseillaise. Accordion version for that French sound. 112 BPM.
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La Normandie

Track Length:  3.08 | Additional Versions : 5

Joyful, easy going, laidback and playful jazzy track with a French flavour.
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La Paloma

Track Length:  2.46

A solo guitar piece with hugely Hispanic and Latin overtones. This habanera, (or dance of Havana), has a wonderful swaying theme which transports you ...
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La Rochelle

Track Length:  0.53 | Additional Versions : 3

French style accordion track with a light guitar accompaniment. 183 BPM.
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