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Fab Sixties

Track Length:  2.11 | Additional Versions : 9

Classic 1960's pop-rock sound. Surf rock style with twangy electric guitars and retro organ. Swinging 60's, Groovy baby.
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Track Length:  2.41 | Additional Versions : 3

Light arpeggios bubble away and sound effects dance around over a clanging, busy rhythm track. Industrial music with a hard edge suitable for heavy ma...
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Track Length:  0.39 | Additional Versions : 6

A grand, fairy tale like, adventure film score. Like the magical hour, amazing discoveries, or exploring fantastic new worlds. Amazement, wonderment. ...
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Fabulous Fable

Track Length:  3.33

Orchestral / Cinematic musical journey through a magical, mystical, amazing fantasy world. This piece has several twists and turns throughout, with a ...
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Face in the Crowd

Track Length:  3.51 | Additional Versions : 7

A bright and upbeat pop-funk track featuring sharp brass stabs, funky guitar and synth-bass. Besides the horn section, there is not much of a lead sol...
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Face the Music

Track Length:  3.16 | Additional Versions : 7

Deep and groovy, dance / house track. Excellent and rich sound. Perfect for fashion / lifestyle projects. House / Club. Energetic, Moving / Driving, D...
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Factory H

Track Length:  2.07 | Additional Versions : 2

Electronic track with beats and fairly minimal sound. Elements are added throughout the track to keep the momentum going. Great for technical how to v...
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Facts and Figures

Track Length:  0.35 | Additional Versions : 7

Useful for TV, infomercials, quiz / poll / results type of productions. General Pop. Moving / Driving, Positive. Piano, Electric Guitars, Synthesizers...
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Facts of Life

Track Length:  1.04 | Additional Versions : 2

Quiz music reminiscent of game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The Weakest Link.
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Fade Away

Track Length:  4.31 | Additional Versions : 15

A beautiful and emotional R&B, Soul ballad available with or without vocals. Beautiful RnB vocals and bluesy guitar lines with a soft pop production.
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