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On Hold Messages and Music On Hold can be an effective way to entertain, educate and advertise to callers on hold. If you are asking your callers to please hold, then why not use the time to tell them about your products and services and at the same time alleviate the frustrations of being put on hold with some fresh, bright and entertaining hold music. 

For those of you with questions about using music on hold and having your own on hold marketing messages, the articles below will hopefully prove a valuable resource and a good place for you to start.

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Telephone audio, getting the most from IVR and on hold marketing

Utilising your telephone on hold with marketing messages and music on hold is an effective way to entertain, educate and sell to the caller on hold. This article looks at some good techniques to improve the overall experience of callers on hold.


Making On-hold a Positive Caller Experience

On hold music and on hold messages need to be mixed correctly, otherwise the caller can become needlessly irritated by continuously being asked to please hold, music that is too loud or just plain annoying. And yet, some very large companies still get this wrong.


Music On Hold and IVR Voice Over, Clarity and Audibilty

Telephone on hold audio can sometimes sound distorted, too quiet or too loud. And as a professional producer of on hold packages, I would advise to put the highest quality file possible into the on hold system. By doing this, the only degradation that is introduced is the bandwidth limitations of the telephone network. From experience, we find that MP3 or 16 bit, 22 kHz wave files provide the best audio quality for the caller on hold.



A Guide to Writing a Good On Hold Script

Writing your on hold script need not be that difficult. You are the best person to write it; after all, you know your company better than anyone. It just requires preparation time and thorough proof reading. This article gives some advice and ideas on where to start and what to include in your on hold script



Using a Music On Hold MP3 Player for Your On Hold System

For a small company, leasing a phone system for your on hold music and messages can work out prohibitively expensive. Our on hold service makes professional on hold audio accessible to small businesses for a one time payment. But, one question we do get asked is, what on hold equipment do I need?


How do I get my on hold messages onto my phone?

As audio specialists, we produce the on hold audio but do not provide any telephone hardware, however, we often get asked how to get on-hold messages onto the phone. We can not advise on the hardware itself but we have put together this article about how we got our messages onto the phone system that we purchased for our company.


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