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Whether for websites, multimedia applications, Podcasts, TV, Radio, Film and other related media, using royalty free music can often bring about questions regarding its usage, licensing, copyright etc. Hopefully, you will find this articles section a useful resource and a good place to start.

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Royalty Free Music - What is it, how does it work & what are its issues?

What is royalty free music? What are its origins? And, what are the issues inherent with its use? The term royalty free music can often be misinterpreted and as a result, it is is not always clear to users what they are covered for when licensing royalty free music. This article aims to give you a brief overview of its many aspects.



Understanding royalty free music: Introduction

An indepth series of articles about royalty free music, licensing and music copyright.



Understanding royalty free music: The basics of the music industry, copyright & licensing

First in the series of royalty free music articles discussing music copyright and licensing.


Understanding royalty free music: A slice of royalty pie

Second in the series of royalty free music articles discussing music copyright and licensing.


Understanding royalty free music: Industry recognised but widely misunderstood

Third in the series of royalty free music articles discussing music copyright and licensing.


Understanding royalty free music: Music in the ears of the public

Fourth in the series of royalty free music articles discussing music copyright and licensing.


9 Common Q&A’s about using royalty free background music in a public venue

My royalty free music business gets at least one call every week enquiring about using royalty free music as background music in public venues. If your business venue already uses royalty free music or is considering using it, this article will give our answers to some frequently asked questions about playing music in public.



Readers Q & A about performing royalty organisations and website music

You may be thinking about using website background music and possibly have questions regarding the copyright implications of using it on your website. Perhaps you have been approached by a performance royalty organisation and are not sure where you stand. This Q&A article may be a useful resource for you



10 quick tips for using music on your website

With the development of web technology and increased broadband speeds, music use is becoming more common on the web. Using background music on your website can be effective and engage the visitor, but not without considering certain points first. Here are '10 quick tips...' to consider



Photography prices!… What?

Certain stock music websites are selling royalty free music tracks at bargain basement prices, usually from as little as $1 a track. It is no wonder that the quality of this cheap music is generally poor. In many cases, you will have to sift through the rubbish to find the good stuff. Having said this, there are reputable royalty free music sellers that select high quality music from reliable quality composers. They are concerned with maintaining quality and pricing composers works at a fair and respectable amount



Royalty free music and quality issues

It is common knowledge that royalty free music is cheaper than conventional licensing. Unfortunately though, royalty free music (also known as stock music, copyright free music, buyout music etc.) has often been characterised as being poor in quality, pan pipe, lift, test card, on-hold, cheesy etc. So if this sounds like you, I urge you to give it another chance.



Royalty free music - 6 myths uncovered

This article discusses 6 common assumptions made about royalty free music.



I have been given some royalty free music. Can I use it in my audio-visual project?

Royalty free music is not free for anyone to use. This article gives some real life scenarios to help you understand this better.



Professional Music Buyers Guide

This series of posts is for anyone that licenses royalty free music for their productions. It features information about music royalties, terminology and the different types of music libraries as well as other aspects related to music licensing.



PRS Background Music vs. Royalty Free Music

Can I avoid PRS / PPL fees by playing royalty free music in my venue? This article discusses the question further.


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