What are Cookies?

Although very delicious Cookies have nothing to do with snacking when it comes to computers.
In fact, the cookies we are talking about are 0% fat and are tiny bits of text data used to improve your browsing experience on most websites, including Media Music Now.
Our cookies are stored on your PC and are harmless. They just help our site work better for you by:
  • Remembering music and sound effects you have played
  • Keeping you logged in
  • Help Media Music Now load faster on your browser 
We do not collect any personal data from you with our Cookies and do not use them to trigger adverts. They are just used to identify you as a returning visitor / customer and to assist you. They help us to provide you with the best possible user experience when using our website and services.
Almost all modern websites use cookies. If you have concerns about cookies your web browser should have the option to block them. Please refer to your browsers help guide. However, if you disable your cookies this will have an adverse affect on your user experience on MediaMusicNow and other websites you may use.
Cookies can have bad days
Cookies sometimes have a bad day. If you have had a recent computer issue or software update, this can affect your experience. Also, we are often updating and improving our website and this can sometimes cause problems when old Cookies in your cache (browser memory) conflict with new ones. For information on how to clear cache and cookies, see Clearing Your Cache. This can often be resolved very easily.

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