How to change your password

If you don't like your user generated password that we emailed to you, don't worry, you can easily change it. Although it is adequately secure, you may want to change it to something more memorable.

To change your password you will need to:

  • Know your current password
  • Be logged in

If you have just registered, you will be automatically log'd in for your first visit. You can find your current password in your registration email, it should be in your email account. If you can't find it, see this page for help.

Once you are logged in...

Change your password by going to My Account which is at the top of every page when you are logged in. You will see a number of options in My Account, select the one that says Update Password. You will see the following screen. 

Please do not make this too simple as you do not want to be hacked. Typically a couple of memorable words containing numbers and upper and lower case letters help make your password more secure.

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