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Lease music exclusively for your brand, project or video for an affordable monthly fee.

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Be alerted to new stock music tracks that can be licensed exclusively for a monthly fee.

Request Exclusivity

Request Exclusivity

Apply for exclusivity and we will give you a quote for exclusively leasing the track.

Only You Can Use It

Use the Music Exclusively in Your Project

By leasing new, unreleased music only you can use the track in your production.


Hear New Stock Music How it works

The Same Old Stock Music

While stock music is great, there is nothing worse than finding a great piece of music just to hear it in lots of other places online. Worse still, you find that your competitor is using the same music in their videos. Brand identity is not just about message, logo and colours, it extends to sound as well and our ears are great at recognising music and associating brands and companies with a soundtrack.

Get Something Fresh

You can only have exclusivity on a piece of music if nobody else is using it. This means that you either have to get somebody to write a new piece of music for you that only you can use in your project or you have to lease music that is new and unreleased. Music that is already in stock music libraries is usually non-exclusive and can be licensed by anyone at any time.

Stock Music Leasing - A New Approach

Our leasing model allows exclusive use of our new and unreleased music for an affordable monthly fee. This can only be offered with new tracks that we have not released yet. The alternative and typically expensive option is to commission a composer to write a new piece of music.


Listen to New, Unreleased Stock Music

We get new tracks on a regular basis. These are from our in-house composer Lee Pritchard or commissioned especially for us. All of this music is released as soon as possible but there is a window of about 10 days before it's released for non-exclusive licensing. This gives you a window of opportunity to lease it exclusively before its release.

How it Works

It is simple. Follow our New Stock Music Blog Posts to keep up to date on unreleased music. Each post is a summary of current tracks available for exclusive leasing. We are also trialling a podcast so you can listen on the go, in downtime or while commuting.

Exclusive leasing is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it pays to subscribe to our New Stock Music Blog Posts so that you don't miss anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

This varies from case to case, but as a guide scenario, if a company wants to use a piece exclusively in their online videos and podcasts it would start at £25+VAT per month (minimum three-month leasing required). More widespread use, such as TV and Radio advertising will cost more. Licensing terms and costs vary depending on the usage.

How long can I use the music exclusively?

As long as you are paying the exclusivity lease you will be the only user of the music. If you no longer want to use it exclusively, you just need to cancel your monthly payment.

What happens if I cancel the payment?

Your exclusivity rights will revert to non-exclusive. You will be able to carry on using the music, but it will be released publicly and available for others to license and use. Over time, it will be used in other people's projects and associated with other businesses.

Can I do anything I want with the music I lease?

The exclusivity lease will have terms attached to it depending on what you required and what we negotiated. We still own the music, but you will be the exclusive user of the music. You will be able to use it within the terms we agreed, but there will be things you cannot do with it. For example, you cannot suddenly decide to sell it, sublicense it,  release it on Spotify, register it with a copyright agency etc. 

How do I request exclusivity once I have found a suitable track?

Get in touch. We will ask you a few questions about its use and provide a quote. It will be an ongoing monthly fee that you pay for as long as you want to keep using the track exclusively.

Once I am leasing the music, what happens to it?

During the lease period, the music will not be available for sale anywhere else. The music will be marked as Exclusively Licensed on our blog post and it will not be made available for licensing once you are paying the monthly lease. It will only become available to others if you decide that you no longer want to use it exclusively and stop paying the monthly lease payment.

Will the music I am leasing have been used anywhere else?

No. It is completely new music. As the first person to use the music, you will have exclusivity to use it. This can only happen once. If the music lease lapses, it becomes available non-exclusively and your license and anyone that licenses it in the future will be non-exclusive, which means anyone can use it.


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