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Finding the perfect music to fit your production is not always easy. Sometimes, bespoke music is the best solution.

Complete a Brief

Complete a Brief

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Commission a Composer

Commission a Composer

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Pay for the Work

Pay for the Work

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One Size Does Not Fit All

There are times when stock music just won't do the job. Maybe it's too long for your video, too fast, too short, needs a voice-over, needs sound effects etc. or just not suitable at all.

Here at MediaMusicNow, we have access to many talented individuals that can write custom music: composers, producers, songwriters, orchestrators, arrangers and instrumentalists.

Whether it's for a global brand, small business or freelancer, if you are looking for a particular style or want a theme exclusively for your project, company branding, game, trailer, product, TV advert, wedding video, documentary or film, we can help.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to custom music. Every project can vary considerably depending on the composer and your requirements e.g. genre, length, instrumentation, usage.

The main parts of the cost come down to:

  1. The cost to commission the composer
  2. The license terms required for the music

The Composer

The fee to commission a composer will vary depending on their industry experience and the type of production you require. For example, using real instruments will cost more than samples or virtual instruments. Likewise, a full orchestral soundtrack will be more expensive than a solo piano piece.

The License

A big factor in costs will be the level of usage you require and licensing terms. For example, if you just want the piece to fit with your video but don't mind if the composer subsequently sells licenses of the music elsewhere this will be much cheaper than wanting to own the music or have exclusive rights to use it.

Overview of License Types


If you are not bothered about exclusive use of the music, you can still hire a composer and use the music non-exclusively.

This means it is our track that we have written to fit your brief and you have a license to use it.

You just pay for the composers time without adding costly licensing fees to the project.

This way you will have something that fits your production, but the piece of music still has the chance to generate a passive income from licensing royalties as it can be licensed by other clients too.

Exclusively Leased

Voice over process managed in-house

This is a new option we offer where the exclusivity of the music can be leased on a monthly basis.  

This means you can use it for your project as long as the lease is active. 

When you no longer need exclusive use of the music you can let the lease expire by discontinuing your payment. At this point, the music will be made available non-exclusively.

If exclusive use is more important to you than having a bespoke fit, you may want to see our Music Leasing section where you can choose from new, unreleased stock music.

Work for Hire (Buyout)

Quality checked audio

There will be times when you or your client want the music tailored to fit your production but also want the music completely exclusive. 

This is known as work for hire or a buyout where you basically pay to own or use the music exclusively. This is the most costly option as the composer needs to be compensated for waiving any future income possibilities from their work.

Not all composers will offer this deal, but some will and there are numerous variations on the deals that can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a ballpark figure?

Not really. There are too many variables to give any meaningful ballpark figure. All we can say is that the costs vary from mid-hundreds for small and easy productions to many thousands for more involved projects. The best way is to get in touch with details about your project and tell us what your budget is. This way we can identify the best composer for your needs. There is often room for negotiation.

What if my budget is confidential? 

It makes it harder to find the right composer(s) for you and it might be difficult to give you a meaningful quote. However, we will try our best.

How do I provide a brief?

Provide us with as much information about your project and requirements. We also have a number of questions that need to be answered in order to give you an accurate quote.

How many composers will I get to choose from?

That really depends on your project requirements and who we have available.


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