Audio Project Backup

Why Would You Need This?

Frequently, clients come back to us after several months or years after completing their audio and request either a copy of their audio, script, or both. Due to the large number of projects we work on, it is not viable for us to keep all of the audio and associated project files. This accumulates into a vast amount of storage, administration, and cost.

For this reason, we delete files a month after completion. For clients that require long-term storage, we offer a backup option that is only £15 per year.

By purchasing the backup option, you can contact us at any time to request a copy of your audio or script.

Audio Project Backup

Order Backup Option

£15 GBP +VAT per year (annual charge via Stripe)

If you don't want this backup you need to download your audio and keep it safe. The reasons people generally lose their audio include:

  • Staff changes
  • Changing telephony provider
  • Computer or hard drive failure etc.


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