Annual Project Backup

Why Would You Need This?

We periodically clear storage of archived and finished audio projects. So you should consider a back up if you answer yes to any of the following.

Do you wish to update your on hold at any time in the future? For example:

  • Seasonal Updates, Christmas, bank holidays etc.
  • Voice Updates for Your Current Promotions
  • Change of Music Track
  • Changes in Opening Times

Do you want us to keep an annual backup of your audio?

You may want us to keep a backup as a safety measure in case you lose your copy as a result of a hardware failure or any other reason.

Project Backup is £24 GBP +VAT per year

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Archiving all of the on hold source files means that we can tweak / update any element of it without having to redo the whole package. You would still pay for the changes / updates required, but this could save you up to 60% on changing your package in the future.

You will receive the audio file(s) you need for your on hold system - the master file.

A project backup contains every aspect of your on hold package meaning that it can be re-worked and edited without having to start from scratch. Your backup is encrypted and uploaded to secure cloud hosting for security.

Screen shot of folders




If you are considering having any alterations done in the future or you want us to keep a copy, you should consider ordering a back-up. The back up will enable us to resurrect your on hold package at any time, saving you time and money on editing, mixing and voice over re-record fees.

The backup contains all source files, but most importantly, contains your template that allows us to do re-works of your audio.

Screen shot of template file

Why Don't We Keep a Copy?

Many of our clients have one-off on hold productions created with no future updates required. As a result, we end up with huge amounts of audio / music data that will never be used in the future, but still requires storage.

For this reason, we have to regularly purge surplus content to make storage for the projects we are currently working on. This is carried out periodically.

Although we keep all files for a period of time, there is no guarantee that your project will be on our system if you come back to us for updates in the future.

By purchasing a project backup, we will be able to access your audio and save you money on updates in the future.

Project Backup is £24 GBP +VAT per year

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