Voice Overs for Corporate Narration

Custom recorded voice overs for corporate video, DVD's, YouTube, websites, podcasts and more.

As an online service we provide professional quality voice over recordings without the added cost of booking a recording studio, audio enginer and voice over. Whatever the project we have a number of voice over artists available for corporate narration.

Corporate narrations are delivered as two 16-bit wav files:

  • One that is edited but Dry so you can add your own processing before editing it into your video
  • One that is edited and processed with EQ and compression to maximise loudness and clarity

If you require your voice over fully produced with music and/or sound effects or to match the timing of your video we provide audio production services too, just select the option when requesting a quote.

How it works

  1. Browse our voice overs - Listen to our voice demos.

  2. Order Securely Online - Once you have found your perfect voice, order online.

  3. Send your script - Once you have placed your order we will email to request your final ready-to-record script.

  4. Receive your audio - You audio will be with you in 3-5 working days

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