Find an Audiobook Narrator

If you have read our audiobook production page and want us to work on your book, but can't find a voice over in our selection to suit your production, we would be happy to find an audiobook narrator for you.

Quite simply, we find voice overs that will deliver clean, raw, unprocessed audio to a professional standard and we then work on the production part of the project and manage the process. Our fees are itemized so that you can see what you are paying for. Basically, our fee per 1000 words is £10-20 (+Vat in UK / EU) which is added on to the voice over costs.

Benefits of getting us involved:

  • It can be much less then going direct with a voice over (most voice overs charge more than us to edit and produce audio) 
  • We act as a quality filter
  • We do all communication with the voice over
  • We pay the voice over when the audio is approved

Please complete the form and upload your book so that we can find a voice over. Please note, your book will only be used for the purpose of providing an accurate quote.

Upload your book as a doc, pdf etc.  Upload File


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