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Results for powertool

Chain Saw 1

Effect Length:  0.37

Chainsaw revving and cutting branches in a tree.
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Chainsaw 2

Effect Length:  0.26

Chainsaw cutting fallen tree.
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Chainsaw 3

Effect Length:  0.24

Chainsaw cutting log up close.
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Chainsaw 4

Effect Length:  0.33

Chainsaw cutting branch off tree.
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Chainsaw Background 1

Effect Length:  0.42

Chainsaw cutting multiple limbs up in huge tree.
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Lawn Mower 1

Effect Length:  0.36

Older lawn mower running, being pushed around a yard, and cutting grass.
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Lawn Mower Starts and Mows 1

Effect Length:  0.46

Lawn mower is started and then mowed around the yard and back again.
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Lawn Mower Turns Off 1

Effect Length:  0.08

Lawn mower is turned off.
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Lawn Mower Turns Off 2

Effect Length:  0.10

Lawn mower is turned off.
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