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Results for leak

High Hiss 1

Effect Length:  0.05

High hissing sound.
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Leaking Gas 1

Effect Length:  0.14

Gas leaks from a stovetop.
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Air Leak Gas Long

Effect Length:  0.16

Industry sound effect: Air, leak, gas, long
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Air Leak Gas Small

Effect Length:  0.29

Industry sound effect: Air, leak, gas, small
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Can Air Puncture Leak

Effect Length:  0.06

Foley sound effect: Can, air, puncture, leak, metal
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Water Drips Bucket (SFXB 4886)

Effect Length:  1.04

Water sound effect: Drips into bucket, leak
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Tea Pot Pouring (SPK0987)

Effect Length:  0.53

Pouring tea into a cup.
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Wine Bottle Pouring (SPK0986)

Effect Length:  0.40

Pouring wine out of a bottle.
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Gas Burner Loop

Effect Length:  0.11

Sound of a gas burner hissing (loop).
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