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Crazy Laugh 1

Effect Length:  0.03

Single crazy psychotic cackle.
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Kid Laugh Crazy 1

Effect Length:  0.02

A crazy sounding kid's laugh.
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Robot Going Insane

Effect Length:  0.23

Crazy freaked out buzzing sound of a robot having a total meltdown.
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Laugh Crazy Male (SFXB 2072)

Effect Length:  0.02

Human sound: Male, laugh, crazy
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Crazy Jungle Bird (SPK0019)

Effect Length:  1.20

Birdsong in the forest.
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Extreme Bird Chirp (SPK0025)

Effect Length:  0.21

A bird in the forest.
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Insane Glitches Ambience (SPK0823)

Effect Length:  0.27

A creepy ambience from another dimension.
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Pig and Dog Whimper (SPK0048)

Effect Length:  0.16

Pig and dog whimpering and howling.
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Insane Truck Honking (SPK1398)

Effect Length:  0.07

A creepy intense honking sound.
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