New Stock Music Podcast

The New Stock Music Podcast is for film and media creators who use music in their productions. Discover brand new original music that has not been released yet. Let the tracks inspire you and help you earmark potential music for upcoming projects. There is a window after a podcast is released where any of the tracks featured can be snapped up on an exclusive license.

If they are not licensed after this time, they get released for non-exclusive licensing from music libraries and The host of this podcast is composer and audio producer Lee Pritchard. He is also co-owner of MediaMusicNow and BeanstalkAudio. Lee will be showcasing music either composed by him or custom-written for him. The New Stock Music Podcast is starting as a trial and future episodes will be shaped based on listener feedback.

You can access this podcast from all major directories and listen to it on your favourite app. Subscribe to our New Stock Music Podcast via Buzz Sprout.


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