Our Communication Policy

This is our communication policy written in the format of questions and answers.

How long do you take to reply?

Typically within the same business day, however, this can sometimes be 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Do you pass my information on to others?

No, we do not pass your details on to third parties and comply with the UK data protection act to protect your personal information.

Are there any circumstances where you would give someone else my contact information?

Only with your consent. For example, if you requested direct contact with one of our suppliers, we may pass your details on to them to contact you.

Why do you need my phone number and email address in the contact forms?

There are two reasons for this:

1. Although email is much more reliable than it used to be it is never 100% reliable. If you contact us and we send an email reply and never hear from you again we have no way of knowing if you received the information. Typically, we will send follow up emails, however, if we fail to hear back from you we will have to assume that you did not receive our email(s) and may decide to call you. If you have taken the time to contact us we do not want you to think we have ignored you.

2. We our inundated with spurious enquiries often from anonymous sources with just a first name / initial and free / temporary email account. As we pride ourselves on customer service it takes us time to deal with all enquiries and time spent on anonymous enquiries takes our attention away from authentic ones. For this reason, we use the additional information to validate a genuine enquiry.

If I provide my information will you make sales calls?

No, we are not that kind of company. We will follow up with you until we know the outcome of your enquiry. For example, you may tell us you went with another company or you are no longer interested and this will be the end of our follow ups.

Why do you follow up? If I don't reply I am clearly not interested.

This may be so, however, we do not know if you received the information if you do not reply to us. Also, as we took the time to respond to your enquiry we do not feel it is unreasonable to know the outcome. If our proposal is not to your liking, it is beneficial for us to know as we may be able to make amendments.

What about sales emails, will I be bombarded with them now you have my details?

No, we only use your contact details for the purpose of following up on your enquiry. We do not add you to our mailing list. We do have a mailing list, but you have to add yourself onto it. Occasionally, we may have to contact you about any changes to our service that may affect you but this would be a direct email.

If I provide you with sensitive information about my job requirements how can I be sure that you won't use the content or contact my client directly?

We are a professional company and all communication is dealt with in the strictest of confidence. We use SSL encryption for all email transfer and any content is only available in our protected network. Your information never leaves our office and only senior members of our team can access the information you have sent.

How long do you keep the information I have sent you?

If we are providing a quote we will keep the information until we know whether you are going ahead or not. If you do not pursue our quote we will delete your information in relation to that project, however, your email, other contact details and possible information about your enquiry may remain in our secure system should you come back to us in the future.

I did not get a reply, what shall I do?

In the case of genuine enquiries there can be times when we do not receive your information. This could be due to your email getting caught in our spam filter or it did not arrive for some other reason. In these circumstances, please contact us again, better still, give us a call and we will be happy to help. Other reasons may include; -

  • We got your message but your email address was incorrect so we could not reply
  • You left large sections of the form blank and we did not think your enquiry was authentic.
  • You provided no information other than an anonymous temporary email
  • You used our enquiry form as an attempt to sell us something
  • You provided little or no details about your enquiry
  • You are trying to join our team but have failed to follow our procedure
  • You have been rude or disrespectful to our team

Further notes about rudeness and disrespect

We do not tolerate rudeness and disrespect by any means whether via live help, telephone or email. Please treat us the way you would like to be treated. We are people doing everything we can to provide you with a professional and positive experience. We do not take kindly to rudeness or being shouted at regardless of the reason. If we inadvertently do something to cause you inconvenience we will endeavour to fix it asap, however, if your client is giving you a hard time we will not take the brunt of your frustrations.

Our Promise

We respect your information and treat authentic enquiries to our business with the respect they deserve. We aim to give you great service and clear information about out procedures, policies and prices. If you feel we have fallen short we are happy to hear your feedback. With your feedback we can grow as a business and provide you with the best service possible.


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