Why did my download not work?

This could be for a few reasons.

Please note: Before you proceed, to license and download music/effects you need to have purchased the correct number of credits for the audio you are trying to download.

If you are having difficulties downloading your licensed audio, please try one of the following: -

# Problem you experienced Possible Reason Possible Solution
1 Partial Download / Audio dropouts Your internet service dropped out during download Close / reopen your browser. Try to download it again. It will be in My Account > My Music (or My Effects)
2 Partial Download / Audio dropouts Our server dropped out momentarily Close / reopen your browser. Try to download it again. It will be in My Account > My Music (or My Effects)
3 Download would not start, and I got an error message There could be a problem with accessing the file on our server Close / reopen your browser. Try to download it again. If you get the same error, please contact us via this priority support form
4 I purchased recently, my credits have gone, but I can't Download my track Your browser session expired and It is now stored in your account. Login. See if you can download it from My Account > My Music (or My Effects)


Your music list in your account will look something like this: -

The icons are clickable so you can re-download your license document, a wav or mp3 format of the licensed track anytime you need. If you are still having problems please contact us via this priority support form.


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