How do I create an account and why it is necessary?

We understand that registering with multiple services can be annoying when buying online - spam, too many passwords, multiple account names etc. But, due to the nature of our products and services we require registrant details for customer receipts and licensing documentation. There is no way round this, most customers require a receipt with their details for tax purposes.

Don’t worry. Registering is a quick and easy 2 page process and we can assure you of the following.

  • We keep your details private - we are bound by Data Protection Act 1998
  • We never call or email you unless we really need to
  • You won’t get marketing emails (unless you register for our optional mailing list).

Registering - What's involved?

You can register anywhere on our website by clicking the Register link at the top right of any page.

There are two pages, Page 1 for your receipt details and Page 2 offers the chance to join our mailing list for a discount code and for future offers and news. If you dont wish to join, simply click on Click to Continue. In either option you should be redirected to where you were before registering.

Upon registering you are automatically log’d in for your 1st session and your registration email will be sent to you for future logins.

Top tips for dealing with multiple online accounts

  • Use a password bank. We use KeePass
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists that no longer interest you
  • Create filters / labels in your email account

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