Why has my payment been declined?

Sorry that you are having difficulty processing your online payment; we know this can be frustrating.

We use a secure UK merchant services provider called WorldPay who are not able to provide more information about the reason for your declined payment.

WorldPay or your Card Issuer / bank have declined your payment, not us.

There are many reasons why a card may be declined, for example: -

  • Not entering the issue number when using a switch card
  • Entering an incorrect 'Verified by Visa' password
  • Using your card abroad - Some card companies reject international use unless you inform them of it 
  • Too many purchases in a short space of time
  • Too many failed attempts within a short period of time
  • Making an unusually large purchase
  • Card number or expiry date was typed incorrectly
  • The card has expired
  • Insufficient funds on your credit card
  • Technical issues with your bank or credit card company
Unfortunately, WorldPay / card issuers do not supply us with the reason why a payment is declined.

We suggest trying the following:
  • Try again later
  • Try again with an alternative card
  • Contact your card issuer for information
  • Contact us if you believe there is an issue with our website
Sorry that we can't provide more help directly. 99% of the time the reason is to do with your card issuer / bank and they are the only ones that can help.

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