What is Royalty Free Music?

In short, the term Royalty-free is probably quite misleading and often misunderstood. What is covered here applies to sound effects too.

Royalty free music is not a type of music, it is a type of license agreement. The royalty-free license allows specific uses of the music in exchange for a fee. It is only paid once for that usage and can be used forever (in perpetuity). The license agreement states how the user can use the music for the money they have paid.

A misconception is that the music is free. This is not the case. There are some composers who offer their music for free (although not on our website), but they do this for a variety of reasons. However, professional music composers and producers who do this full time as their job need to charge for use of their music and time.

Royalty-free is just one name for this simplified type of license agreement, it can also be known as Stock Music, Copyright Free Music, Library Music and more. 

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