Using Our Music on TV & Radio

Music licensed from Media Music Now can be used on TV and radio. However, we need to ask you to complete the short form below so that we can provide you with the relevant information.

What is this all about?

Major broadcasters often pay annual licenses to various collecting societies around the world to enable them to broadcast content. The broadcaster then compiles cue sheets detailing what music has been used. In theory, a portion of this annual fee gets given to the composer(s) whose music has been used.

A ‘cue sheet’ clause is standard in 99% of all royalty-free music agreements, usually in the small print.

Why should I provide this information?

  • Composers potentially get their share of revenue from money that has already been spent by the world’s broadcasters
  • It helps us to track the effectiveness of cue sheet use and the effectiveness of our music library

Thank you from Media Music Now and all contributing composers for your cooperation.

Please complete this short Google form (opens in a new window).


If you previously purchased a broadcast license from us and need to upgrade it for use in TV and radio advertising/commercials, or Cinema / Theatrical release please get in touch for a license upgrade.


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