Do I have to buy a separate license for every instance of the music I use?

For example, if you are a digital agency working on a campaign and your client requires a piece of music for use on their website video but also want to host the video on YouTube, use it in their podcast as an intro and create up to 5000 DVD's for their best customers this is all covered in our standard license.
Our license is per project or per company / individual. Therefore our standard license covers the music being used for the same project and if less than 5000 physical (or salable) duplications will be created. Additionally, if you are a video producer (for example), and you use the music in videos, we do not expect you to keep count of how many videos you have used it in. You can use it in as many videos as you like.

The only exception to this would be if you are selling individual DVD's as a product. In this case the 5000 limit would apply.


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