What are performance royalties and how do they relate to your royalty free music?

In short, performance royalties are collected by many organisations globally on behalf of composers when their music is used in a broadcast situation.

Although its relevance to royalty free music is subject to many interpretations there are situations when the possibility of receiving performance royalties becomes advantageous to the composer. This does not cost the royalty free music buyer any additional money.
Media Music Now does not benefit from performance royalties, but our composer may do so in certain high use instances such as on major TV, National Radio or in large scale cinematic film or theatrical shows.
On the contrary, although the performance royalty is intended to supplement a composers income, in some instances it can negatively affect our ability to sell licenses which may result in a composer losing out.
For this reason, our composer agreement enables us to waive performance royalties for uses where the policy is impractical and counterintuitive to generating composer income.
In instances where performance royalties may be collected for composers such as in TV, Radio, cinematic or large theatrical use, we request that you include their information in your usual cue sheet submissions. If you are not required to fill in cue sheets this information will not apply.   
If applicable, this will be covered in the individual sections above.


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