Effect Listing

Gag Choke 1

Gag Choke 2

Gaggle of Geese 1

Galactic Interface Slide 01 (SPK5314)

Galactic Interface Slide 02 (SPK5315)

Gallery Crowd

Game Buttons (SPK0581)

Game Menu Select 01 (SPK5245)

Game Menu Select 02 (SPK5246)

Game Menu Select 03 (SPK5247)

Game Menu Select 04 (SPK5248)

Game Menu Select 05 (SPK5249)

Game Menu Select 06 (SPK5250)

Game Menu Select 07 (SPK5251)

Game Menu Select 08 (SPK5252)

Game Menu Select 09 (SPK5253)

Game Menu Select 10 (SPK5254)

Garage Door Close, Manual

Garage Door Open, Manual

Garage Door Slam 1

Garage Door Slam 2

Garage Elevator Open 1

Garage Hydraulics Car Ramp

Garbage Bag Shake Open

Garbage Bag Shake Open

Garbage Can Crush Trash

Garbage Can Drag 01

Garbage Can Drag 02

Garbage Can Lid Close

Garbage Can Lid Open

Garbage Can Throw

Garbage Can Throw Trash 01

Garbage Can Throw Trash 02

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal 1

Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck 2

Garbage Truck Drive

Garbage Truck Idle

Garden City Life

Garden Hose 1

Garden Hose 2

Garden of Exotic Birds 1

Garden of Exotic Birds 2

Gargle Water Long

Gargle Water Male

Gargle Water Short

Gargling 1

Gargling 2

Gas Burner Loop

Gas Can Buckle Metal 01

Gas Can Buckle Metal 02

Gas Can Fill

Gas Can Handle Move 01

Gas Can Handle Move 02

Gas Fireplace Loop

Gas Flame Loop

Gas Flow Heater (SPK0141)

Gas Pump Back 1

Gas Pump Off 1

Gas Pump Rattle 1

Gas Station Exterior

Gas Stove On Run Off

Gas Stovetop 1

Gasp Female 01

Gasp Female 02

Gasp for Breath

Gasp Male 01

Gasp Male 02

Geese At County Fair

Gel Bottle Squeeze 01

Gel Bottle Squeeze 02

General Countryside Ambience

General Rattling of Coins Against Coins

Generator On Run Off

Gentle River Loop 01

Gentle River Loop 02

Gentle Stream Water Loop

Gentle Waves at Night 30sec

Gentle Waves at Night 60sec

Gentle Waves at Night Long

German Ambulance Siren (SPK0167)

German Answering Machine (SPK0226)

German Beer Hall Party 1

German Cell Phone Mailbox (SPK0225)

German Party Music 1

German Pub Ambience (SPK0149)

German Toast 1

German Toast 2

German Toasting Song 1

Get Up from Floor 1

Ghost Appearance

Ghost Approach Pass By

Ghost Breaths Airy

Ghost Buzz Ambience (SPK1130)

Ghost Cry

Ghost Flyby Swooshes (SPK0890)

Ghost Glitch Riser 01 (SPK5255)

Ghost Glitch Riser 02 (SPK5256)

Ghost Glitch Riser 03 (SPK5257)

Ghost Glitch Riser 04 (SPK5258)

Ghost Glitch Riser 05 (SPK5259)

Ghost Hover

Ghost Laugh Reverb

Ghost Shriek Talk

Ghost Shriek Whoosh

Ghost Whoosh (SPK0402)

Ghostly Ah 1

Ghostly Communication

Ghostly Female Noo 1

Ghostly God 1

Ghostly Male Laugh

Ghostly Moan Whoosh

Ghostly Nooo 1

Ghostly Nooo 2

Ghostly Robot

Ghostly Shimmer Ambience (SPK1131)

Ghostly Sob 1

Ghostly Sob 2

Ghostly Sob 3

Ghostly Sob 4

Ghostly Swirl Whoosh

Girl Says Cool 1

Girl Says Cool 2

Girl Says Cool 3

Glass Bottle Break 01.wav

Glass Bottle Break 02.wav

Glass Bottle Break 03.wav

Glass Bottle Break 04.wav

Glass Bottle Break 05.wav

Glass Bottle Break 06.wav

Glass Bottle Break 07.wav

Glass Bottle Break 08.wav

Glass Bottle Drop 01

Glass Bottle Drop 02

Glass Bottle Drop 03

Glass Bottle Drop Bounce 01.wav

Glass Bottle Drop Bounce 02.wav

Glass Bottle Drop Bounce 03.wav

Glass Bottle Drop Bounce 04.wav

Glass Bottle Drop Bounce 05.wav

Glass Bottle Drop Bounce 06.wav

Glass Bottle Empty 01

Glass Bottle Empty 02

Glass Break

Glass Break Large 01

Glass Break Large 02

Glass Break Wine 01

Glass Break Wine 02

Glass Breaking Reverb

Glass Clink 1

Glass Clink 2

Glass Clink 3

Glass Dump 1

Glass Dump 2

Glass on Counter 1

Glass on Counter 2

Glass Open Close (SPK0244)

Glass Picked up from Table 1

Glass Put on Table 1

Glass Put on Table 2

Glass Put on Table 3

Glass Put on Table 4

Glass Reverse Movement

Glass Set Down Table

Glass Slide Counter

Glass Squeak Wipe 01

Glass Squeak Wipe 02

Glass Squeak Wipe 03

Glass Squeak Wipe 04

Glass Toast Clink


Glissando Bell Creepy Ascend

Glissando Bell Creepy Descent

Glitch Flutter Swooshes (SPK0891)

Glockenspiel Surprise Slides (SPK0958)

Gnome Running

Go Kart Drive Around

Go Kart Start Up

Go Kart Track Race 01

Go Kart Track Race 02

Go-Kart Idle 1

Go-Kart Idle 2

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat 01

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat 02

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat 03

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat 04

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat 05

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat Five Times

Goat - Baby Goat Bleat Four Times

Goat - Three Baby Goats

Goat - Various Baby Goats

Goat Bah

Golf Air Swing 1

Golf Air Swing 2

Golf Ball Hit 1

Golf Ball Hit 2

Golf Ball Hit 3

Golf Ball Hit 4

Golf Ball in Hole 1

Golf Ball in Hole 2

Golf Cart 1

Golf Cart 2

Golf Cart Drive

Golf Cart Pass By 01

Golf Cart Pass By 02

Golf Cart Slow Down 1

Golf Club Swing 01

Golf Club Swing 02

Golf Drive 3

Golf Drive Wood 1

Golf Drive Wood 2

Golf Drive Wood 3

Golf Drive Wood 4

Golf Driver 1

Golf Driver 2

Golf Driver 3

Golf Driver 4

Golf Flag Drop

Golf Iron Fairway Shot 1

Golf Iron Shot 1

Golf Iron Shot 2

Golf Miss Hit 1

Golf Miss Hit 2

Golf Miss Hit 3

Golf Miss Hit 4

Golf Miss Hit 5

Golf Practice Swing 1

Golf Putt 1

Golf Putt 2

Golf Putt 3

Golf Putt 4

Golf Putt 5

Golf Putt 6

Golf Swing Iron 1

Gong Ancient Chinese

Gong Big Chinese Single

Gong Chinese Big Two Strikes

Gong Chinese Single

Gong Creepy

Gong Huge Roll

Gong Large Single Long

Gong Large Splash

Gong Massive Two Strikes

Gong Medium Single

Gong Mysterious

Gong Roll Chinese

Gong Seven Strokes

Gong Single 1

Gong Single 2

Gong Steady Rhythmic

Gong Two Tone

Gorilla Bark Pound Chest

Gorilla Barking Echoes

Gorilla Breathing With Grow

Gorilla Eating Breathing

Gorilla Eating Growling

Gorilla SFX 1

Grab Bag Eat Popcorn 1

Grab Plastic Food Package

Grab Plastic Food Package 2

Grab Plastic Food Package 3

Grab Plastic Food Wrapping

Grand Prix Race Cars 01

Grand Prix Race Cars 02

Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock 01

Grandfather Clock 02

Grandfather Clock Ticking Vintage

Grandfather Clock, Bell, Single Stroke

Grandfather Clock, Chime

Grandfather Clock, Strike Twelve

Grandfather Clock, Tick Tock

Grandfather Clock, Tick Tock, Hour Chime

Grandfather Clock, Tick Tock, Loop

Grapple Gun Rope 01

Grapple Gun Rope 02

Grapple Gun Rope 03

Grapple Gun Shoot 01

Grapple Gun Shoot 02

Grass Hit Heavy

Grass Movement Foliage 01

Grass Movement Foliage 02

Grass Movement Foliage 03

Grass Movement Foliage 04

Grass Movement Rustle 01

Grass Movement Rustle 02

Grass Object Drop 01

Grass Object Drop 02

Grass Object Drop 03

Gravel Beach Walk

Gravel Drops (SPK0627)

Gravel Roll Car Pass (SPK0480)

Graveyard Night

Green Pepper Crunch 01

Green Pepper Crunch 02

Green Pepper Crunch 03

Grenade Close 01

Grenade Close 02

Grenade Distant 01

Grenade Distant 02

Grenade Explosion 01

Grenade Explosion 02

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher 40mm M79 Single Shot Distant Perspective

Grid Slide (SPK0202)

Grinder Type 1 01

Grinder Type 1 02

Grinder Type 1 03

Grinder Type 1 04

Grinding Machine (SPK1304)

Groan Pain Male

Groan Quick Ah 1

Grocery Bag Rustles 1

Grocery Cart Short 1

Grocery Store

Grocery Store 1

Grocery Store 2

Grocery Store 3

Grocery Store 3

Grocery Store Announcement 1

Grocery Store Background, Near Frozen Foods Section, Freezer Doors

Grocery Store Interior, Light Crowd Near Checkouts, Long Version

Grocery Store Interior, Light Crowd Near Checkouts, Short Version

Grocery Store PA 1

Grocery Store PA 2

Grocery Store Talking 1

Grocery Store Walk 1

Grocery Store Walk 2

Ground Zero Construction 1

Ground Zero Construction 2

Group Sings Happy Birthday and Claps 1

Growl Multi Heavy

Growl Reverb Cave

Grunt Female 01

Grunt Female 02

Grunt Female 03

Grunt Long Strain

Grunt Strain Male 01

Grunt Strain Male 02

Grunt Strain Male 03

Guinea Pig Cage Move

Guinea Pig Squeak 01

Guinea Pig Squeak 02

Guitar Amp Hum

Guitar Chord

Guitar Cord Plug In

Guitar Cord Unplug

Guitar Feedback

Guitar Pedal Button 01

Guitar Pedal Button 02

Guitar Plug Insert

Guitar Plug Remove

Gum Bubble Pop 1

Gum Bubble Pop 2

Gum Bubble Pop 3

Gum Bubble Squeal Pop 1

Gun Magazine Insert (SFXB 4400)

Gun Magazine Insert (SFXB 4401)

Gun Magazine Release (SFXB 4402)

Gun Magazine Release (SFXB 4403)

Gurgle 01, Man Gurgling, Long Gurgle

Gurgle 02, Man Gurgling, Medium Length Gurgle

Gurgle 03, Man Gurgling Water

Gurgle 04, Comedy High Gurgle

Gurgle 05, Comedy Drowning Gurgle

Guts Splatter Blood (SFXB 1377)

Guts Splatter Blood (SFXB 1378)

Guts Squish Soft

Gym Indoor Small

Gymnasium Door Close (SFXB 3964)

Gymnasium Door Open (SFXB 3965)

Gymnasium Shoe Squeak (SFXB 3966)

Gyrotwister (SPK0209)


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