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Finding music to fit your film or project is not always easy. Sometimes a bespoke production is the best solution.

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Hiring Composers 

When you hire a composer and commission them to create a custom piece of music, there will be certain rights that come with the music and certain rights that do not. Our custom music page covers the aspects of commissioning a composer. The fee for a custom music project typically includes the cost of the composer's time and a license to use the music as needed.

Work for Hire (Buyout)

All music carries a copyright and can generate royalties for composers. However, a work-for-hire agreement or a buyout is different because it assumes that the composer will get paid once only and this will cover everything. Music is covered by copyright law and there are mechanisms for composers to generate future income on music. These include: 

  • Licensing deals
  • Performance royalties from broadcasts
  • Micropayments from streaming
  • Income from YouTube Content ID

A buyout deal prevents composers from making any future income from music, therefore, their fees must reflect this.

Making a deal

We act as a broker and can help you find a composer who will work based on a buyout. This is not always as simple as it sounds because many composers will not work on this basis unless the upfront fee is attractive to them. Often, we find that clients don't even need a buyout, but they think that is the right thing for them. Music copyright can be complicated and there are misunderstandings between clients and composers alike. We aim to be clear and upfront with the information so that you can make the best choice.

Buyout deals are the most expensive and there may be times when it is necessary. However, commissioning custom music with terms tailored to your project is often the more suitable option for everyone involved.

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