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We understand that subscription models can be convenient and cost-effective. That's why we're happy to offer a customised plan based on your download needs and budget. Simply provide us with a few details when you apply, and we'll tailor a plan to fit your requirements.

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Supporting Independent Composers Since 2005

We believe composers' hard work, creativity, and expertise should be rewarded appropriately. We strive to balance affordability for customers and fair compensation for composers. By offering some of the best royalty rates in the industry and transparent payment structures, we ensure that our composers receive a fair share of the revenue generated from their music.

We understand the growing popularity of music and sound effects subscriptions, and we do our best to accommodate your requirements. Our priority is to provide convenience and cost-effectiveness for customers while at the same time preserving the value and worth of composers' music.

Pricing-wise, we want to avoid a race to the bottom, as we recognise that undervaluing music can negatively impact composers and the industry. Our pricing structure is carefully considered to ensure that the cost of our music licenses accurately reflects the use and creative value. This approach allows us to support composers whilst providing our customers with access to high-quality music and sound effects.

By supporting composers and establishing a fair compensation structure contributes to the growth and sustainability of the independent music industry. Together, we can ensure that composers are recognised and supported for their exceptional work.

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