Voice, Music & Sound Effects Mixed

This service is for video producers, audio / podcast producers who want their voice file professionally mixing with their music.

What is this?

Very often you see those videos or hear podcasts where the music is distracting you from what the voice over is saying. At the other end of the scale are those productions where the music is lost somewhere in the background.

This service enables you to send us your voice over file and music file and we will do the job for you to a professional standard.

We mix the music so that it breaths with the voice over file getting louder when there is no dialogue and quieter when there is dialogue. This keeps everything clear and intelligible as it should be. Furthermore, we finish the production with a nice EQ and gentle compression to give your production that professional gloss.

What about the music?

We have 3 options for you: -

  • You supply your own
  • For a small additional cost you can choose from our royalty free music library
  • If your budget is really limited we can mix in our pre-licensed music

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A Few Examples of Previous Work

Please note, YouTube degrades the audio quality on some videos.

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