Audio Production for Showreels & Demos

If you are a voice-over or video producer we can make you your demo / showreel audio stand out from the crowd with professional audio production.
We can produce your demo / showreel soundtrack with royalty free music, compression, EQ and sound effects to give it a clean professional sound. Your demo makes an impression with a potential client within the first 30 seconds and distracting or badly mixed audio can mean the difference between getting a booking or not. Great sounding audio is vital if the demo is in the audio medium, however, bad sounding audio on a video showreel can really be equally distracting.
By making sure your demo sounds the best it can, and by keeping it brief you are maximising your opportunity. 
You can send us the raw elements of your demo and we will work with you to create the best possible demo and hopefully it will become your best viral marketing tool.

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You also may find our Audio Production FAQ's useful. 


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