Audio Production for Audiobook Narrators

If you are a voice over and regularly work on large narratives for audiobooks or other large scripts you will know that the editing and production time can take longer than the actual recording studio time.

This is especially so when a full edit is required to remove all breaths, background noise, pops, clicks, saliva noise etc.

We offer a range of editing and production services that you can use to outsource this timely endeavor into your project costs. We can work directly with your client too if that is preferred. Our costs are simple and transparent and you can book us for as little as 15 minutes.

Our Process

When working with voice overs we prefer to receive the audio as a raw file with no processing whatsoever. 

We then do the following: -

  1. Denoise the file 
  2. Manually remove the breaths
  3. Remove any noticeable clicks, pops or saliva noise
  4. Reduce any gaps as required
  5. Add processing; EQ, compression etc.
  6. Normalize the file to the required level

Basically you give us a raw file and we give you a polished, fully produced file back as a download. You can then send it to your client for approval. We will add in a reasonable amount of pick-ups for no extra fee providing we are notified of changes within 30 days.

Pricing Guide

Pricing is a buyout unless otherwise specified, i.e. No production royalty and charged @ £27.50 (+VAT in the UK /EU) per block of 15 minutes. 

We charge based on the length of the audio you send to us. Edited audio may end up being slightly shortened due to the removal of gaps and breaths.

For example, If the audio you send to us is 4 hours, 22 minutes, you need to order 18 blocks of time.

So, 18 x £27.50 = £495 (+VAT in the UK / EU)

You can order it all in one go or if you prefer to deliver to your client in paid stages you can book us in stages too. There will be no variation in quality as we create a template file in our system when you first order.

We reserve the right to vary the price for a job, for example in cases where the audio needs intensive production or editing into numerous small files. 

Music & Sound Effects

We can also mix in music and sound effects as required. This may incur extra fees but we will explore the options based on the requirements of your project.

Get Started

Contact us with details of your project, initially by email and we can arrange to talk on the phone if that works better.

[email protected]


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