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Up for Anything

Track Length:  2.13 | Additional Versions : 18

This fun indie track features a catchy whistled melody backed by vintage keyboards, synthesizer, bells, acoustic and electric guitars, grooving bass, ...
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Track Length:  2.09 | Additional Versions : 15

Snowballing quickly into a catchy dance track, this piece is an adventure into good, sustained feelings . It features an 80s inspired synth melody wit...
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Sunrise to Sunset

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 16

Easy-going and authentic, this Indie pop track is a gateway to life's celebrations. With vocals and acoustic guitars, the melody is catchy and floats ...
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Sunny Spaces

Track Length:  2.03 | Additional Versions : 16

With upbeat acoustic guitars, marimba, bells, sound fx, bass, claps, and Latin percussion, this track conveys the spirit of 'vacation' and 'breaking f...
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Stay Free

Track Length:  2.14 | Additional Versions : 15

This guitar-driven track is encouraging, upbeat, steadfast and reminiscent of the power pop of the 1980s. Together with solid rocking bass and drums, ...
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Track Length:  1.55 | Additional Versions : 13

Laid-back and funky, this piece could just as easily ride behind an urban, relational scene as well as be a TV theme. The melody is catchy, played on ...
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Rudy Rudy Stomp

Track Length:  1.46 | Additional Versions : 15

Highly energizing, this second-wave style ska tune conveys good vibes. The song structure is straightforward, featuring 60's style organ, electric gui...
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Rising Sun

Track Length:  2.52 | Additional Versions : 16

Enthusiastic, hopeful, and determined are ideas strongly felt in the great energy of this track. Acoustic guitars in stereo, twangy electric guitars, ...
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Rhythm Kings

Track Length:  1.32 | Additional Versions : 15

With high energy bass and drums this 1960's rhythm and blues track immediately captures that quintessential Detroit sound. Backed up with vintage guit...
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Quick Study

Track Length:  1.47 | Additional Versions : 15

This light-hearted comedy cue is full of novelty, innuendo and quirkiness. Pizzicato strings guide this track and are accompanied by acoustic guitar, ...
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