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Our Royalty Free Music for TV & Radio Broadcast

Our royalty free music can be used on TV & Radio as part of a production, advert, programme or film.
Music use on major broadcast mediums such as TV / Radio is heavily regulated and monitored, so it is quite usual for broadcasters to have to pay an annual blanket license to performance royalty collecting societies.
Under these circumstances the broadcaster is required to complete cue sheets for their country’s collector.
This represents no extra cost to you or your client / broadcaster, but is potentially an additional income for the composer. Therefore, we request that you let us know when our music is being used in this way. This gives us the opportunity to ask you a couple of questions and provide you with any additional information that you may require. It also helps us to monitor the effectiveness and usage of our music library.
For this purpose, we have prepared a short form for you to complete. Click here to fill out the form
To reiterate, there is no additional cost to you or your client / broadcaster. 

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