Our Royalty Free Music for YouTube & Content ID

Royalty-free music from Media Music Now can be used on YouTube and other social video sites and is covered by our Standard license. The 'Up to 5000’ part on the dropdown list refers to physical duplications and not views of your video. There is no limit to how many views your videos can have.

Content ID

Increasingly, composers are registering their music in YouTube Content ID and this affects YouTube users who are using licensed royalty free music in their videos. This affects all music libraries and all users.

Our approach is to be proactive and inform you of these facts so that you know what to expect and do. We do not want to wait until you have a problem so we have provided the facts to help avoid it in the first place. When we say problem, we are only talking about a slight inconvenience caused by YouTube's Content ID system; one that we can help resolve quickly (with music licensed from us).

As you will discover, despite what others might say, there is no way of guaranteeing that music is content ID free. Using a library that claims to be content ID free will not guarantee that you don't have a content ID issue.

Our music can be licensed for use in your YouTube videos but some videos may need to be precleared to avoid adverts displaying on them. This is important if:

  • You don't want an advert over your corporate video
  • You are monetizing your videos

Why is only some music registered?

Some composers prefer to keep music clean of content ID to make using it on YouTube simpler. However, others feel the need to register it to protect it. There have been several damaging cases that we know of where composers have had their music stolen and entered into content ID illegally by fraudsters. This causes problems for users that have legitimately licensed the music, the composer and the music distribution library.

Some composers are registering to avoid such issues and maintain control over their music. Once someone has fraudulently abused a composers music, it not only damaging to a few people, it has a ripple effect that affects everyone who has ever licensed that piece of music.

To prevent such cases, more and more composers are putting their music in content ID but have the means to allow you to use the music without restriction or future issues.

Whitelisting Music

Regardless of whether the music is stated to be in content ID or not, please follow our best practice process for publishing your videos on YouTube. As you know music can be registered by fraudsters; also, we have seen music that is clear of content ID suddenly be flagged. We have even seen YouTube detect music titles on videos that have no music. The content detection algorithm is not perfect but this process will help avoid most issues.

The process is simple...

  1. Upload your video a few days before you want to go live but make it Unlisted
  2. If Content ID is present it will be detected within a few minutes as the process is automatic. In your Video Manager it will read 'Includes copyrighted content' next to the video
  3. If you do get a notice, contact us directly with your video URL and details about what is flagged
  4. We whitelist your video or in some cases your channel
  5. Make your video public

This can usually be done in a matter of hours.

We need to know the following details:

  1. The video URL
  2. The music identified
  3. The claimant. e.g. AdRev, The Orchard etc.

Typically we will whitelist your video, however, in some cases we may be able to whitelist a channel for a specific composer.

What is your guarantee?

If your video is flagged by YouTube's Content ID we will do our utmost to get this cleared for you (on music licensed from us).


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