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Articles about Podcast Recording & Production

This section provides access to expert articles from our blog. 

Podcasting is a brilliant web 2.0 marketing tool that can generate traffic, subscribers and customers for years to come. However, many businesses may be unsure about where to start and how to create and produce a quality podcast. There is also the question of how to go about marketing a podcast once created.

The resource articles in this podcast production section will provide further information on producing podcasts and the tools / techniques used to create a quality audio production and ideas for marketing your podcast series.

These podcast production articles are brought to you by the Media Music Now blog. By clicking on an article, you will be directed to our blog to read it in full. Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog.Each link opens an article in a New Window. 



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Podcasting your business

Podcasting has been spreading the globe from around 2003. Common subjects for podcasts can be anything from product information delivery, help files, news reports, sports information, hobbies, comedy, tutorials, debates, interviews, company training / communication, seminar recordings etc. Podcasting has become a significant communication and marketing tool for many companies



The Trouble with Podcasting

Small to medium sized companies like the idea of creating a business podcast as they realise it could be good for business. There is a lot of time and work involved in producing quality podcasts and understandably, can be quite daunting for the new podcaster. But, bear in mind, if done properly, your podcast series could be highly successful and very profitable



Advertising in Podcasts, Let’s call them Podverts

Audio adverts and the production of business podcasts could quite easily be combined to maximise return on investment. There are many ways to make this work; however, I feel that there are two main aspects for consideration.



Professional Podcast Recording & Production - #1 Introduction

This is an introduction to a short series of articles about podcast recording and production. The series is aimed at the serious hobbyist or small / medium sized business who wants to produce professional podcasts without breaking the bank.



Professional Podcast Recording & Production - #2 Microphones for High Quality Podcast Recording    

Professional recording of a podcast relies on a number of factors relating to the quality of your equipment and how you use it. This second article in a series of three looks at one essential piece of equipment - the microphone.



Professional Podcast Recording & Production - #3 Microphone Connectivity with your PC / Recorder

The third and final article in the series covers connectivity and the means of getting your microphone to work with other equipment



Microphone Comparison Tests for Podcast / Voice recording

After having talked about microphones for recording a podcast, I thought it would be beneficial to let you hear the difference in quality between the various microphone types. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of which microphones are more suited to creating podcasts in order to achieve the most professional results



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