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Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects, Voice Overs & Audio Production

Our business is about helping you with your soundtrack needs. Discover royalty free music sound effectscustom written musicvoice overs and audio production.  Get Started Now 
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A few of the benefits...  

  • Instantly download royalty free music and sound effects
  • Hand-picked stock music to ensure quality - No user generated content 
  • Voice overs offering affordable and reliable voice talent 
  • Audio production for your marketing, branding and video soundtrack needs
  • Custom written music for when your project needs a bespoke composition 
  • Customer support here for you via email or telephone
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Royalty Free Music

Browse Royalty Free MusicBrowse, search and download high quality royalty free music. There is no user generated content; we only stock music that has been hand-selected by us. We are always re-evaluating the music in our library, adding new tracks and removing non-selling tracks in order to improve your search experience.

Furthermore, we believe in paying our composers fairly with 50% of every music sale going to the composer. The remaining 50% goes toward admin, promotion and running costs. This puts us among the fairest royalty free music distributors on the Internet and we are very proud of this. Browse royalty free music

Popular Music Categories Christmas | Corporate Motivational | Epic Orchestral | Acoustic Guitar | Chillout Grooves | Classical | Funky

Royalty Free Sound Effects

Royalty Free Sound EffectsOur royalty free sound effects library is a new addition. We are adding this feature as we use a lot of sound effects in our audio production services and many of our clients have expressed an interest in licensing sound effects. At the time of writing we are in the process of finalising the sound effects library and expect it to be functional in a few weeks. Browse sound effects

Popular SFX Categories | Industrial / Machinery | Button Sounds | Crowd Ambience | Nature Sounds | Birds | FireworksGuns

Voice Over Services

Voice Over ServicesWe have a roster of talented voice overs available to record your script. Our voice talents have been selected by us for their professionalism and abiltiy to work remotely on your projects. We deal with the prices so you don't have to. Our voice over service is simple. Find a voice you like and send us your script for a quote. If you do not have a script we can provide you with a estimate via email or phone. Have a listen to our voice over demos

Popular Voice Over Services | Corporate Narration | On Hold MarketingAudio Book Narration | DJ Drops | DJ Intros

Custom Written Music

Custom MusicThere are times when off-the-shelf stock music just won't do the trick. Maybe you want a bespoke music track for a particular audio-visual requirement, or you want a track no-one else can use. Whatever the reason, we can help with our custom music service. We have a number of carefully chosen composers ready to be commissioned and compose your custom soundtrack. Hire a composer

Bespoke Music Services Include: Sound Logos | Jingles | Songs | TV advert music | Wedding

Audio Production Services

Audio Production ServicesWe offer an affordable audio production service. This includes soundtrack creation for corporate videos, animation, YouTube videos, instructional videos, Radio / TV adverts, audio books, on-hold messaging and much more. We can edit, mix and produce sound effects, voice and music elements to provide a finished soundtrack for your production. Browse our audio production services

Popular Audio Production Services | Video / Animation SoundtrackCorporate  Video / PodcastOn Hold Marketing | DJ Idents

Help & Support

Help and SupportWe pride ourselves on our customer service. Much of the information is available from our website, but we appreciate that there are times when you just want to pick up the phone and speak to a person. Our office is staffed Monday to Friday and you can be confident that you are dealing with professionals that care about your project. You can chat to us by email or phone.

We also have a comprehensive FAQ section aimed at providing quick answers to many of the common questions we get asked. For help, please visit our help & support section


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