Track Listing

Pa Kua Reflections

Pa Slapped Bass While Grandma Played the Fiddle

Pa Slapped Bass While Grandma Played the Fiddle 30secs

Pa Slapped Bass While Grandma Played the Fiddle 60secs

Pa Slapped Bass While Grandma Played the Fiddle Loop 01

Pa Slapped Bass While Grandma Played the Fiddle Loop 02

Pa Slapped Bass While Grandma Played the Fiddle Loop 03

Pablos Bolero

Pablos Bolero 30secs

Pablos Bolero 67secs

Pablos Bolero Loop 01

Pablos Bolero Loop 02

Pablos Bolero Loop 03

Pablos Bolero Stinger 01

Pablos Bolero Underscore


Pace (Loop)

Pacelbel Canon in D (Live Chamber Orchestra)

Pachelbel Canon (Y.Sazonoff)

Pachelbel Canon 30secs

Pachelbel Canon 60secs

Pachelbel Canon D Major P.37 Midtempo

Pachelbel Canon D Major P.37 Slow Tempo

Pachelbel Canon D Major P.37 Uptempo

Pachelbel Canon Extended Mix

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (Loop 1)

Pacific Rim (Loop 2)

Packing System

Packing System (Loop 1)

Packing System (Loop 2)

Packing System (Loop 3)


Pad Drama

Paddys Green Shamrock

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore 30secs

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore 60secs

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore Loop A

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore Loop B

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore Loop C

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore Loop D

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore No Dobro Or Slide Guitar Version

Paddys Green Shamrock Shore Underscore

Paisley Daze

Paisley Daze 15secs

Paisley Daze 30secs

Paisley Daze 60secs

Paisley Daze Guitar and Vocals

Paisley Daze Loop 01

Paisley Daze Loop 02

Paisley Daze Loop 03

Paisley Daze Loop 04

Paisley Daze No Lead Guitar

Paisley Daze Stinger 01

Paisley Daze Stinger 02

Paisley Daze Stinger 03

Paisley Daze Stinger 04

Paisley Daze Underscore

Paisley Daze Underscore No Organ

Palace Gates

Paler Shade of White

Paler Shade of White 15secs

Paler Shade of White 30secs

Paler Shade of White 45secs

Paler Shade of White 60secs

Paler Shade of White Loop 1

Paler Shade of White Loop 2

Paler Shade of White Loop 3

Paler Shade of White Loop 4

Paler Shade of White Loop 5

Paler Shade of White Loop End

Paler Shade of White Loop Long

Paler Shade of White Stinger

Paler Shade of White Underscore

Pan American

Pan American 30secs

Pan American 60secs

Pan American Loop 01

Pan American Loop 02

Pan American Loop 03

Pan American Loop 04

Pan American Stinger 01

Pan American Stinger 02

Pan American Stinger 03

Pan American Stinger 04

Pan American Underscore

Pancakes and Coffee

Pancakes and Coffee 30secs

Pancakes and Coffee 60secs

Pancakes and Coffee Stinger 01

Pancakes and Coffee Stinger 02


Panic at the Disco

Panic at the Disco 30secs version 1

Panic at the Disco 30secs version 2

Panic at the Disco 60secs version 1

Panic at the Disco 60secs version 2

Panic at the Disco Loop 01

Panic at the Disco Loop 02

Panic at the Disco No Screams

Panic at the Disco Stinger 01

Panic at the Disco Stinger 02

Panic at the Disco Stinger 03

Panic at the Disco Underscore

Panic Attack


Panorama 1min 19secs

Panorama 59secs

Paper Boat

Paper Boat 30secs

Paper Boat Loop

Paper Trail

Pappy Stole an Earthman

Pappy Stole an Earthman 15secs

Pappy Stole an Earthman 30secs

Pappy Stole an Earthman 60secs

Pappy Stole an Earthman Loop 01

Pappy Stole an Earthman Loop 02

Pappy Stole an Earthman Loop 03

Pappy Stole an Earthman Loop 04

Pappy Stole an Earthman Stinger 01

Pappy Stole an Earthman Stinger 02

Pappy Stole an Earthman Stinger 03

Pappy Stole an Earthman Underscore

Paquitos Dance


Paradaise 30secs

Paradaise 60secs

Paradaise Loop A

Paradaise Loop B

Paradaise Loop C

Paradaise Loop D

Paradaise Stinger

Paradaise Underscore

Parade of Fools

Paradise Breeze

Paradise Breeze 30secs version 1

Paradise Breeze 30secs version 2

Paradise Breeze 60secs

Paradise Breeze Loop 01

Paradise Breeze Loop 02

Paradise Breeze Loop 03

Paradise Breeze No Section

Paradise Breeze Orchestra

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost 15secs

Paradise Lost 30secs

Paradise Lost 60secs

Paradise Lost Loop 01

Paradise Lost Loop 02

Paradise Lost Loop 03

Paradise Lost Loop 04

Paradise Lost No Choir

Paradise Lost Rock Mix

Paradise Lost Rock Mix 15secs

Paradise Lost Rock Mix 30secs

Paradise Lost Rock Mix 60secs

Paradise Retreat

Paradise Retreat 15secs

Paradise Retreat 30secs

Paradise Retreat 60secs

Paradise Retreat Loop 01

Paradise Retreat Loop 02

Paradise Retreat Loop 03

Paradise Retreat Loop 04

Paradise Retreat Stinger 01

Paradise Retreat Stinger 02

Paradise Retreat Stinger 03

Paradise Retreat Underscore

Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines (Loop 1)

Parallel Lines (Loop 2)

Parallel Lines (Sting)



Paris 30

Paris 35secs

Paris 60

Paris 66secs

Paris Carnival

Paris Carnival (Loop 1)

Paris Carnival (Loop 2)

Paris Carnival (Loop 3)

Paris Carnival (Underscore)

Paris Loop edit 1

Paris Loop full

Paris nest pas Monotone Instr.

Paris nest pas Monotone Loop 01

Paris nest pas Monotone Vocal

Paris St Germain

Paris St Germain 30secs

Paris St Germain 60secs

Paris St Germain Loop A

Paris St Germain Loop B

Paris St Germain Loop C

Paris St Germain Loop D

Paris St Germain Loop E

Paris St Germain Underscore

Paris Starlight

Paris Starlight 30sec

Paris Starlight 60sec

Paris Starlight Ambient Mix

Paris Starlight Loop 1

Paris Starlight Loop 2

Paris Starlight Loop 3

Paris Starlight Loop 4

Paris Starlight Stinger 1

Paris Starlight Stinger 2

Paris Starlight Stinger 3

Paris Starlight Underscore

Paris Stinger

Parish Hall

Parish Hall 30secs

Parish Hall 60secs

Parish Hall Loop 01

Parish Hall Loop 02

Parish Hall No Fiddle

Parish Hall Stinger 01

Parisian Cafe

Parisian Cafe (Piano Only)

Parisienne Chic

Parisienne Chic (30 sec)

Parisienne Chic (60 sec)

Parisienne Chic (Loop)

Parity Restored

Parity Restored (Loop 1)

Parity Restored (Loop 2)

Parity Restored (Loop 3)

Park Sunday

Park Sunday 30secs

Park Sunday 60secs

Park Sunday Loop 1

Park Sunday Loop 2

Park Sunday Loop 3

Park Sunday Loop 4


Parkour 30secs

Parkour 60secs

Parkour Loop A

Parkour Loop B

Parkour Loop C

Parkour Stinger A

Parkour Stinger B

Parkour Underscore


Parkway (JS)

Parkway 15secs (JS)

Parkway 30secs

Parkway 30secs (JS)

Parkway 60secs (JS)

Parkway Lesser Arrangement (JS)

Parkway Loop 01 (JS)

Parkway Loop 02 (JS)

Parkway Loop 03 (JS)

Parkway Loop 04 (JS)

Parkway Loop 05 (JS)

Parkway Loop 06 (JS)

Parkway Stinger 01 (JS)

Parkway Stinger 02 (JS)

Parkway Stinger 03 (JS)

Parkway Stinger 04 (JS)

Parkway Underscore (JS)

Parkway Underscore No Arp (JS)


Particles 30secs version 1

Particles 30secs version 2

Particles 60secs

Particles Loop 01

Particles Loop 02

Particles Loop 03

Particles Stinger 01

Particles Stinger 02

Partido Vamos (We Match)

Partido Vamos (We Match) 30secs

Partido Vamos (We Match) 60secs

Partido Vamos (We Match) Loop 01

Partido Vamos (We Match) Loop 02

Partido Vamos (We Match) Loop 03

Partido Vamos (We Match) Loop 04

Partido Vamos (We Match) Stinger 01

Partido Vamos (We Match) Stinger 02

Partido Vamos (We Match) Underscore

Parting Glass

Party All Night

Party Drop

Party Drop 20secs

Party Drop 30secs

Party Drop 60secs

Party Drop Loop 01

Party Drop Loop 02

Party Drop Stinger 01

Party Drop Stinger 02

Party Drop Underscore

Party Hard

Party In Agraba

Party In Agraba (30 sec)

Party In Agraba (60 sec)

Party In Agraba (Loop 1)

Party In Agraba (Loop 2)

Party In Agraba (Loop 3)

Party In Agraba (Sting)

Party Night

Party Night 30sec

Party Night 60sec v1

Party Night 60sec v2

Party Night Loop 1

Party Night Loop 2

Party Night Loop 3

Party Night Stinger 1

Party Night Stinger 2

Party Night Stinger 3

Party Night Underscore

Party Rave Anthem

Party Rave Anthem 30secs

Party Rave Anthem 60secs

Party Starts

Party Starts 30secs

Party Starts 60secs

Party Starts Loop 01

Party Starts Loop 02

Party Starts Loop 03

Party Starts Stinger 01

Party Starts Stinger 02

Party Starts Stinger 03

Party Starts Stinger 04

Party Starts Underscore

Party Time

Party Time

Party Time (30 sec)

Party Time (60 sec)

Party Time (Loop 1)

Party Time (Loop 2)

Party Time (Loop 3)

Party Time (Sting)

Party Train

Party Train 30secs

Party Train 60secs

Party Train Loop 01

Party Train Loop 02

Party Train Loop 03

Party Train Stinger 01

Party Train Stinger 02

Party Train Underscore

Pas de Deux

Pass Me By

Pass Me By 30secs

Pass Me By 60secs

Pass Me By Loop 01

Pass Me By Loop 02

Pass Me By Loop 03

Pass Me By Stinger 01

Pass Me By Stinger 02

Pass Me By Stinger 03

Pass Me By Underscore

Pass the Parcel


Passage Into Fairyland

Passage Into Fairyland 30secs

Passage Into Fairyland 60secs

Passage Into Fairyland End Part Only

Passage Into Fairyland No Choir

Passage Into Fairyland No Choir 30secs

Passage Into Fairyland No Choir 60secs

Passage Into Fairyland No Choir End Part Only

Passage Into Fairyland No Choir Stinger 01

Passage Into Fairyland No Choir Stinger 02

Passage Into Fairyland Stinger 01

Passage Into Fairyland Stinger 02

Passage No Drums

Passage No Drums No Synth Bass

Passage Underscore


Passing The Days

Passing Through

Passing Through 2

Passing Time


Passion (Loop 1)

Passion (Loop 2)

Passion (Loop 3)

Passion (Sting)

Passion Crusade

Passion Crusade 30secs

Passion Crusade 60secs

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit 10 secs

Passion Fruit 15 secs

Passion Fruit 30 secs

Passion Fruit 5 secs

Passion Fruit 60 secs

Passion Fruit Loop

Passion Fruit Underscore

Passion Fruit Underscore Loop

Passion of Love

Passion of Love Edit 1 1min

Passion of Love Edit 2 1min 40secs

Passion of Love Edit 3 53secs

Passion of Love Edit 4 1min 42secs

Passion of Love Edit 5 3min 52secs

Passion of Love Edit 6 1min

Passion of Love Edit 7 70secs

Passionate Life

Passionate Life 15secs

Passionate Life 30secs

Passionate Life 60secs

Passionate Life Loop 01

Passionate Life Loop 02

Passionate Life Loop 03

Passionate Life Loop 04

Passionate Life Stinger 01

Passionate Life Stinger 02

Passionate Life Underscore


Passivo (Loop)

Passivo (Sting)

Past and Future

Past and Future 30secs

Past and Future 60secs

Past and Future Loop 1

Past and Future Loop 2

Past and Future Loop 3

Past and Future Loop 4

Past and Future Stinger 1

Past and Future Stinger 2

Past and Future Stinger 3

Past and Future Stinger 4

Past and Future Stinger 5

Past and Future Underscore

Past Events

Past Events 30secs

Past Events 60secs

Past Events Loop 01

Past Events Loop 02

Past Events No Strings

Past Events Stinger 01

Past Events Stinger 02

Past Events Stinger 03

Past Futures

Past Futures 30secs

Past Futures 60secs

Past Futures Loop 01

Past Futures Loop 02

Past Futures Loop 03

Past Futures No Drums No Bass

Past Futures No Piano

Past Futures Stinger 01

Past Futures Stinger 02

Past Life

Past Life 15secs

Past Life 30secs

Past Life 60secs

Past Life Loop 01

Past Life Loop 02

Past Life Loop 03

Past Life No Guitar

Past Life No Lead

Past Life Stinger 01

Past Life Stinger 02

Pasta Sauce Please

Pastoral Minimalism

Pastoral Scene


Pastorale 15secs

Pastorale 30secs

Pastorale 60secs version 1

Pastorale 60secs version 2

Pastorale Loop 1

Pastorale Loop 2

Pat a Cake

Pat a Cake (Child Solo Vocal)

Pat a Cake (Children Group Vocal)

Pat a Cake (Instrumental)

Pat a Cake Loop 01


Path Ahead

Path Ahead 30secs

Path Ahead 60secs

Path Ahead Loop 01

Path Ahead Loop 02

Path Ahead Loop 03

Path Ahead Loop 04

Path Ahead Stinger 01

Path Ahead Stinger 02

Path Ahead Underscore

Path Of Discovery

Path Of Discovery (Loop 1)

Path Of Discovery (Loop 2)

Path Of Discovery (Loop 3)

Pathetique Beethoven



Pathways 15secs

Pathways 30secs

Pathways 60secs

Pathways Loop 01

Pathways Loop 02

Pathways Loop 03

Pathways Loop 04

Pathways Stinger 01

Pathways Stinger 02

Pathways Underscore

Paulas Adventure (Loop 1)

Paulas Adventure (Loop 2)

Paulas Adventure (Loop 3)

Paulas Adventure (Sting)

Paulas Adventure (Version 1)

Paulas Adventure (Version 2)

Pauls Place

Pavanne 09


Pavement Alternative Mix

Pavement Loop 01

Pavement Loop 02

Pavement Loop 03

Pavement No Drums

Paw Prints

Paw Prints 30secs

Paw Prints 60secs

Paw Prints Loop 01

Paw Prints Loop 02

Paw Prints Loop 03

Paw Prints Underscore

Pay Day


Peace At Last

Peace At Last 30secs

Peace At Last 60secs

Peace At Last Loop A

Peace At Last Loop B

Peace At Last Loop C

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind (Longer Loop)

Peace of Mind 30secs

Peace of Mind 60secs

Peace of Mind Loop A

Peace of Mind Loop B

Peace of Mind Loop C

Peace of Mind Loop D

Peace of Mind Vocal

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (30 sec)

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (60 sec)

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Loop 1)

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Loop 2)

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Loop 3)

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Sting)

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men (Underscore)

Peaceful Game

Peaceful Game 30secs

Peaceful Game 60secs

Peaceful Game Accompaniment Only

Peaceful Game Flute Celesta Piano Harp

Peaceful Game No Woodwind

Peaceful Game Piano Solo

Peaceful Morning

Peaceful Place

Peaceful Reflection

Peaceful River

Peach Street

Peach Street 30secs

Peach Street 60secs

Peach Street Loop A

Peach Street Loop B

Peach Street Loop C

Peach Street Underscore

Peacock Dance

Peanut Gallery

Pedal to the Metal

Pedal to the Metal 30secs

Pedal to the Metal 60secs

Pedal to the Metal Loop 01

Pedal to the Metal Loop 02

Pedal to the Metal Stinger 01

Pedal to the Metal Stinger 02

Pedal to the Metal Stinger 03



Peekaboo 15secs

Peekaboo 30secs

Peekaboo 60secs

Peekaboo Loop 01

Peekaboo Loop 02

Peekaboo Loop 03

Peekaboo Loop 04

Peekaboo Loop 05

Peekaboo No Melody

Peekaboo No Percussion

Peg Legs Jig


Pensive Feeling

Pensive Feeling 30secs

Pensive Feeling 60secs

Pensive Feeling Loop 01

Pensive Feeling Loop 02

Pensive Feeling Loop 03

Pensive Feeling No Ride Cymbal


Peppermax 30secs

Peppermax Loop 1

Peppermax Loop 2

Peppermax Loop 3

Peppermax Loop 4

Peppermax Loop 5

Peppermax Stinger 1

Peppermax Stinger 2

Peppermax Stinger 3

Peppermax Underscore

Perdidos en Rajasthan


Perfect Bliss

Perfect Bliss 30secs

Perfect Bliss 60secs

Perfect Bliss Loop 1

Perfect Bliss Loop 2

Perfect Bliss Loop 3

Perfect Bliss Loop 4

Perfect Bliss Loop 5

Perfect Bliss Loop 6

Perfect Bliss Loop 7

Perfect Day

Perfect Day (DM)

Perfect Day 30secs

Perfect Day 60secs

Perfect Day Loop 01

Perfect Day Loop 02

Perfect Day Stinger 01

Perfect Day Stinger 02

Perfect Day Underscore

Perfect Man

Perfect Man Instr.

Perfect Morning

Perfect Morning 30secs v1

Perfect Morning 30secs v2

Perfect Morning 60secs v1

Perfect Morning 60secs v2

Perfect Morning Loop 01

Perfect Morning Loop 02

Perfect Morning No Whistling

Perfect Morning Stinger 01

Perfect Morning Stinger 02

Perfectly Chilled

Perfectly Chilled 30secs

Perfectly Chilled 60secs

Perfectly Chilled Loop 01

Perfectly Chilled Loop 02

Perfectly Chilled Loop 03

Perish Together

Perish Together 15secs

Perish Together 30secs

Perish Together 60secs

Perish Together Loop 01

Perish Together Loop 02

Perish Together Loop 03

Perish Together Loop 04

Perish Together No Choir

Perish Together Rock Mix

Perish Together Rock Mix 15secs

Perish Together Rock Mix 30secs

Perish Together Rock Mix 60secs

Perish Together Stinger 01

Perish Together Stinger 02

Perpetual Flux

Perpetual Flux 30secs

Perpetual Flux 60secs

Perpetual Flux Alternative mix

Perpetual Flux Loop 1

Perpetual Flux Loop 2

Perpetual Flux Loop 3

Perpetual Flux Loop 4

Perpetual Flux Loop 5

Perpetual Flux Stinger 1

Perpetual Flux Stinger 2

Perpetual Flux Stinger 3

Perpetual Flux Stinger 4

Perpetual Flux Underscore

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion (Loop 1)

Perpetual Motion (Loop 2)

Perpetual Motion (Loop 3)


Perses 15secs

Perses 30secs

Perses 60secs

Perses Stinger

Persian Night

Persian Night Light

Persian Night Loop 01

Persian Night Loop 02

Persian Night Loop 03

Persian Night No Leads

Persian Night No Synth Lead


Perspective 30secs

Perspective 60secs

Perspective Loop 01

Perspective Loop 02

Perspective Loop 03

Perspective Loop 04

Perspective Stinger 01

Perspective Stinger 02

Perspective Stinger 03

Perspective Underscore


Perspectives 30secs

Perspectives 60secs

Perspectives Loop 01

Perspectives Loop 02

Perspectives Loop 03

Perspectives Stinger 01

Perspectives Stinger 02

Perspectives Underscore

Peruvian Home

Peruvian Home 15secs

Peruvian Home 30secs

Peruvian Home 60secs

Peruvian Home Loop 01

Peruvian Home Loop 02

Peruvian Home Loop 03

Peruvian Home No Cajon No Bass

Peruvian Home No Charango

Peruvian Home No Ocarina

Peruvian Home No Ocarina No Panpipes

Peruvian Home No Pan Pipes

Peruvian Home Stinger 01

Peruvian Home Stinger 02

Peruvian Home Stinger 03

Peruvian Patrol

Peruvian Patrol 30secs

Peruvian Patrol 60secs

Peruvian Patrol Loop 01

Peruvian Patrol Loop 02

Peruvian Patrol Loop 03

Peruvian Patrol Stinger 01

Peruvian Patrol Underscore

Peruvian Song

Peruvian Song 30secs

Peruvian Song 60secs

Peruvian Song Loop A

Peruvian Song Loop B

Peruvian Song Loop C


Petals 15secs

Petals 30secs

Petals 60secs

Petals Loop 01

Petals Loop 02

Petals Loop 03

Petals Loop 04

Petals Stinger 01

Petals Stinger 02

Petals Underscore

Petals Unfurling

Petals Unfurling Pads Only

Petals Unfurling Piano Only

Petes Groove

Petes Groove (Loop 1)

Petes Groove (Loop 2)

Petes Groove (Loop 3)

Petit Quinquin

Petit Quinquin Loop 01

Petra K

Petra K 15secs v1

Petra K 15secs v2

Petra K 15secs v3

Petra K 15secs v4

Petra K 15secs v5

Petra K 15secs v6

Petra K 30secs v1

Petra K 30secs v2

Petra K 30secs v3

Petra K 30secs v4

Petra K 30secs v5

Petra K 30secs v6

Petra K 60secs v1

Petra K 60secs v2

Petra K 60secs v3

Petra K 60secs v4

Petra K Loop 01

Petra K Loop 02

Petra K Loop 03

Petra K Loop 04

Petra K Loop 05

Petra K Stinger 01

Petra K Stinger 02

Petra K Underscore


Phantasia 30secs

Phantasia Loop

Phantom Voyage

Phantom Voyage 30secs

Phantom Voyage 60secs

Phasers Set To Stun

Phasers Set To Stun (Loop 1)

Phasers Set To Stun (Loop 2)

Phat Mamma

Phat Mamma (Loop)

Philippe Flop

Philippe Flop 30secs

Philippe Flop 60secs

Philippe Flop Dark Part Only

Philippe Flop Fast Part Only

Philippe Flop Loop 01

Philippe Flop Loop 02

Philippe Flop Loop 03

Philippe Flop Stinger 01

Philippe Flop Stinger 02

Philippe Flop Stinger 03

Philippe Flop Stinger 04

Philippe Flop Underscore

Philly Shaft

Philly Shaft Groove

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot 30secs

Photo Shoot 60secs


Photograph 30secs

Photograph 60secs

Photograph Loop 01

Photograph Loop 02

Photograph Stinger 01

Photograph Stinger 02

Photograph Stinger 03

Photograph Underscore

Phunk It Up

Phunk It Up (Loop 1)

Phunk It Up (Loop 2)

Phunk It Up (Loop 3)

Phunky Beat

Phunky Beat 30secs

Phunky Beat 60secs

Phunky Beat Loop 01

Phunky Beat Loop 02

Phunky Beat Loop 03

Phunky Beat Loop 04

Phunky Beat No Vocal

Phunky Beat Stinger 01

Phunky Beat Stinger 02

Phuture Beauty

Phuture Beauty 30sec


Piano Atmos 1

Piano Atmos 2

Piano Atmos 3

Piano Blue

Piano DAmelie

Piano DAmelie 30secs

Piano DAmelie 60secs

Piano DAmelie Loop 01

Piano Dances

Piano Dances 30secs

Piano Dances 60secs

Piano Dances Loop 1

Piano Dances Loop 2

Piano Dances Loop 3

Piano Echoes

Piano Echoes (Loop 1)

Piano Echoes (Loop 2)

Piano Echoes (Loop 3)

Piano Echoes (Sting)

Piano for a Lazy Day

Piano Groovin

Piano Groovin 30secs

Piano Groovin Loop 01

Piano Groovin Loop 02

Piano Groovin Stinger 01

Piano Groovin Stinger 02

Piano Groovin Underscore

Piano Impression 1

Piano Impression 2

Piano Impressions

Piano Jazz Jam

Piano Jazz Jam 30secs

Piano Jazz Jam 60secs

Piano Jazz Jam Loop 1

Piano Jazz Jam Loop 2

Piano Limit

Piano Limit 15secs

Piano Limit 30secs

Piano Limit 60secs

Piano Limit Loop 1

Piano Limit Loop 2

Piano Limit Loop 3

Piano Lounge

Piano Lounge 30secs

Piano Lounge Loop 01

Piano Lounge Underscore

Piano Nightmare

Piano Nightmare Retro Lo-fi

Piano Pop

Piano Pop 30secs

Piano Pop 60secs

Piano Pop Loop 01

Piano Pop Loop 02

Piano Pop Loop 03

Piano Pop Loop 04

Piano Pop Loop 05

Piano Pop Loop 06

Piano Pop Stinger 01

Piano Resolution

Piano Roaming

Piano Roaming Retro Lo-fi

Piano Scherzando

Piano Scherzando Retro Lo-fi

Piano Slow Swing

Piano Slow Swing 30secs

Piano Slow Swing 60secs

Piano Slow Swing Loop 1

Piano Slow Swing Loop 2

Piano Slow Swing Loop 3

Piano Slow Swing No Melody

Piano Sonata No. 8

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Complete)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Theme)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Variation 1)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Variation 2)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Variation 3)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Variation 4)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Variation 5)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 1st movement (Variation 6)

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 2nd movement

Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major, KV331 - 3rd movement (Alla Turca)

Piano Song

Piano Song 2mins

Piano Song 60secs v1

Piano Song 60secs v2

Piano Tuesday

Piano Tuesday 30secs

Piano Tuesday 60secs

Piano Tuesday Light Mix

Piano Tuesday Loop 01

Piano Tuesday Loop 02

Piano Tuesday No Synth Leads

Piano Tuesday Stinger 01

Piano TV Ad

Pianosop Blues

Pianosop Blues (Loop 1)

Pianosop Blues (Sting)

Pick It Up

Pick It Up Alt Mix

Pick It Up No Percussion

Picking Up Stones Instr.


Picture Perfect

Picture Underscore

Pictures at an Exhibition - 1st Promenade in B Flat Major

Piece of Luck

Piece of Luck 30secs

Piece of Luck 60secs


Pieces 30secs

Pieces of Happiness

Pieces of Happiness Instr.

Pig Detective

Pig Detective Loop 1

Pig Detective Loop 2

Pig Detective Loop 3

Pig Detective Loop 4

Pig Detective Loop 5

Pig Detective Loop 6

Pig Detective Loop 7


Pigalle (Loop 1)

Pigalle (Loop 2)


Pile Driver


Pimp My Ratings

Pimp My Ratings 30secs

Pimp My Ratings 60secs

Pimp My Ratings Loop 01

Pimp My Ratings Underscore


Pimpernickel Loop 1

Pimpernickel Loop 2

Pimpernickel Loop 3

Pimpernickel Loop 4

Pimpernickel Loop 5

Pimpernickel Loop 6


Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants No Lap Steel

Pink Elephants No Lap Steel or Lead

Pink Elephants No Lead Guitar

Pink Elephants No Percussion

Pink Elephants Only Bass and Drums

Pink Rocker

Pink Rocker (Loop 1)

Pink Rocker (Loop 2)

Pink Rocker (Loop 3)

Pink Rocker (Underscore)


Pinky 30secs

Pinky 60secs

Pinky Loop edit 1

Pinky Loop full

Pinky Stinger

Pioneers of Hope

Pioneers of Hope Underscore

Pirate Attack

Pirate Attack 30secs

Pirate Attack Drums Only

Pirate Attack No Drums

Pirate Attack No Solo Violin

Pirate Attack No Violas No Cellos

Pirate Attack Stinger 01

Pirate Attack Stinger 02

Pirates Apocalypse

Pirates Apocalypse (Drums Only)

Pirates Big Heroic Theme

Pirates Dark Days

Pirates Face to Face

Pirates Golden Age

Pirates Hereafter

Pirates Im Drowning

Pirates Mighty Ocean

Pirates Nest

Pirates Pride

Pirates Revelation

Pirates Searching for Enemy

Pirates The Battle

Pirates The End of the Island

Pirates The Love Story

Pirates The Love Story (Chamber Orchestra)

Pirates The Love Story no melody (Chamber Orchestra)

Pirates Voyage

Pirates Year 1600 (Version 1)

Pirates Year 1600 (Version 2)

Pit Stop

Pit Stop (30 sec)

Pit Stop (60 sec)

Pitchforks and Lanterns

Pitchforks and Lanterns 30secs

Pitchforks and Lanterns 60secs

Pitchforks and Lanterns Stinger

Pixelated Punch Up

Pixelated Punch Up Long Loop

Pixelated Punch Up Loop 01

Pixelated Punch Up Loop 02

Pixelated Punch Up Loop 03

Place of Legends

Place of Origin

Place of Origin Drone only

Place of Origin Tuvan Drone

Place of Origin With Drone

Place Of Rest

Place Of Rest (Loop)

Places in the World Instr.

Placid Waters

Placid Waters 30secs

Placid Waters 60secs

Placid Waters Loop 1

Placid Waters Loop 2

Placid Waters Loop 3

Placid Waters Loop 4

Placid Waters no lead

Placid Waters pad & lead only

Plagues of Egypt

Plagues of Egypt No Choir

Plaisir dAmour Instr.

Plaisir dAmour Loop 01

Plaisir dAmour Vocal

Plan to Win

Plan to Win 30secs

Plan to Win DnB

Plan to Win Stinger

Plan to Win Underscore

Planet of Butterflies

Planet of Butterflies 32secs

Planet of Butterflies 64secs

Planet of Butterflies Add Percussion

Planet of Butterflies Loop 01

Planet of Butterflies Loop 02

Planet of Butterflies Loop 03

Planet of Butterflies Stinger 01

Planet of Butterflies Stinger 02

Planet of Butterflies Stinger 03

Planet of Butterflies Underscore


Planetarium Loop 01

Planetarium Loop 02

Planetarium No Percussion

Plankton and Rust

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead (Loop)

Planning Ahead 15secs

Planning Ahead 30secs

Planning Ahead 60secs

Planning Ahead Loop 01

Planning Ahead Loop 02

Planning Ahead Loop 03

Planning Ahead Loop 04

Planning Ahead Loop 05

Planning Ahead Loop 06

Planning Ahead Stinger 01

Planning Ahead Stinger 02

Planning Ahead Stinger 03

Planning Ahead Underscore

Plant Machinery

Plant Machinery (Loop 1)

Plant Machinery (Loop 2)


Plasma Life

Plasma Life 30secs

Plasma Life 60secs

Plasma Life Loop 01

Plasma Life Loop 02

Plasma Life Loop 03

Plasma Life Loop 04

Plasma Life Loop 05

Plasma Life Loop 06

Plasma Life Stinger 01

Plasma Life Stinger 02

Plasma Life Stinger 03

Plasma Life Underscore

Plasma Planet

Plasma Planet 30secs

Plasma Planet 60secs

Plasma Planet Loop 01

Plasma Planet Loop 02

Plasma Planet Loop 03

Plasma Planet Stinger 01

Plasma Planet Stinger 02

Plasma Planet Stinger 03

Plasma Planet Underscore

Plasma Racer

Plasma Racer 30secs

Plasma Racer 60secs

Plasma Racer Loop 01

Plasma Racer Loop 02

Plasma Racer Underscore

Play Ball

Play Ball 30secs

Play Ball 60secs

Play Ball No Percussion

Play Dirty

Play Dirty Loop 1

Play Dirty Loop 2

Play Dirty Loop 3

Play Dirty Loop 4

Play Dirty Loop 5

Play Dirty Loop 6

Play Dirty Loop 7

Play Dirty Stinger 1

Play Dirty Stinger 2

Play Dirty Underscore

Play Hide and Seek

Play Hide and Seek (Loop 1)

Play Hide and Seek (Loop 2)

Play Hide and Seek (Loop 3)

Play Hide and Seek (Sting)

Play It

Play It 30secs version 1

Play It 30secs version 2

Play It 60secs version 1

Play It 60secs version 2

Play It Loop 1

Play It Loop 2

Play It Loop 3

Play It Loop 4

Play It No Beat Box

Play It Stinger 1

Play It Stinger 2

Play It Stinger 3

Play It Stinger 4

Play It Stinger 5

Play It Underscore

Play Me

Play Me 32secs

Play Me 60secs

Play Me Loop 01

Play Me Stinger 01

Play Me Stinger 02

Play On Playa

Play On Playa 30secs

Play On Playa 60secs

Play On Playa Loop 01

Play On Playa Stinger 01

Play On Playa Stinger 02

Play On Playa Stinger 03

Play Time

Playa De Samba

Playa De Samba 30sec

Playboy Two Step

Playboy Two Step 30secs

Playboy Two Step 60secs

Playboy Two Step Loop 01

Playboy Two Step Loop 02

Playboy Two Step Loop 03

Playboy Two Step Underscore


Playday 30secs

Playday 60secs

Playday Loop 1

Playday Loop 2

Playful Ions (Loop)

Playful March 30secs

Playful March 60secs

Playful March Electronic Beat version

Playful March Loop 1

Playful March Loop 2

Playful March Loop 3

Playful March Loop 4

Playful March Marching Drums version

Playful Wah Wah

Playful Wah Wah 30secs

Playful Wah Wah 60secs

Playful Wah Wah Loop A

Playful Wah Wah Loop B

Playful Wah Wah Loop C

Playful Wah Wah Loop D

Playful Wah Wah Underscore

Playground at Dusk

Playground at Dusk Flutes Harp and Piano

Playground at Dusk Strings Only

Playing and Playing

Playing and Playing 30secs

Playing and Playing 60secs

Playing and Playing Loop A

Playing and Playing Loop B

Playing and Playing Loop C

Playing and Playing Underscore

Playing Chicago

Playing Chicago DnB

Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps 30secs

Playing for Keeps 60secs

Playing for Keeps Loop 01

Playing for Keeps Stinger 01

Playing For Keeps Underscore

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire 15secs

Playing with Fire 30secs

Playing with Fire 60secs

Playing with Fire Loop 01

Playing with Fire Loop 02

Playing with Fire Loop 03

Playing with Fire Stinger 01

Playing with Fire Stinger 02

Playing with Fire Stinger 03

Playing with Fire Underscore

Playing with the Birds

Playing with the Birds 30secs

Playing with the Birds 60secs

Playing with the Birds Loop 01

Playing with the Birds Loop 02

Playing with the Birds Loop 03

Playing with the Birds No Lead

Playing with the Birds Stinger 01

Playing with the Birds Stinger 02


Playtime (60 sec)

Playtime (Loop 1)

Playtime (Loop 2)

Playtime (Loop 3)

Playtime (PSM)

Playtime (SR)

Playtime (Sting)

Playtime 20secs

Playtime 35secs

Playtime Boogie

Playtime Boogie Loop 1

Playtime Boogie Loop 2

Playtime Boogie Loop 3

Playtime Boogie Loop 4

Playtime Boogie Loop 5

Playtime Boogie Loop 6

Playtime Boogie Loop 7

Playtime Boogie Underscore Bjorn Lynne

Playtime Loop 1

Playtime Loop 2

Playtime Stinger

Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley 15secs

Pleasant Valley 30secs

Pleasant Valley 60secs

Pleasant Valley Long Loop

Pleasant Valley Loop 01

Pleasant Valley Loop 02

Pleasant Valley No Piano

Pleasant Valley No Shaker

Pleasant Valley No Violin

Pleasant Valley Stinger 01

Pleasant Valley Stinger 02

Please Dont Go

Please Dont Go Ending Guitar Only

Please Dont Go Ending Only

Please Dont Go Intro Only

Please Dont Go Part A Only

Please Dont Go Part B Only

Please Spare a Dime

Pleasure Mei

Pleasure Parade

Pleasure Parade 30secs

Pleasure Parade 60secs

Plodding Along

Plodding Along 15secs

Plodding Along 30secs

Plodding Along 60secs

Plodding Along Loop 01

Plodding Along Loop 02

Plodding Along No Melody

Plodding Along No Percussion

Plodding Along Stinger 01

Plodding Along Stinger 02

Plucky Life

Plucky Life 15secs

Plucky Life 30secs

Plucky Life 60secs

Plucky Life Loop 01

Plucky Life Loop 02

Plucky Life Stinger 01

Plucky Life Stinger 02

Plucky Life Underscore

Plugged In

Plugged In 15secs

Plugged In 30secs

Plugged In 60secs

Plugged In Loop 01

Plugged In Loop 02

Plugged In Stinger 01

Plugged In Stinger 02

Plugged In Stinger 03

Plugged In Underscore

Plurality Move

Plurality Move 30secs

Plurality Move 60secs

Plurality Move Loop 01

Plurality Move Loop 02

Plurality Move Stinger 01

Plurality Move Stinger 02


Podium Position

Podium Position (Loop 1)

Podium Position (Loop 2)


Poignant Journey

Poignant Journey 2

Poignant Theme (Opening Titles)

Point Of No Return

Point of No Return

Point Of No Return (Loop 1)

Point Of No Return (Loop 2)

Points In Time

Points In Time 15secs

Points In Time 30secs

Points In Time 60secs

Points In Time Loop A

Points In Time Loop B

Points In Time Loop C

Points In Time Loop D

Points In Time Loop E

Poison Arrow

Poison Arrow 30secs

Poison Arrow 60secs

Poison Arrow Loop 1

Poison Arrow Loop 10

Poison Arrow Loop 11 End

Poison Arrow Loop 2

Poison Arrow Loop 3

Poison Arrow Loop 4

Poison Arrow Loop 5

Poison Arrow Loop 6

Poison Arrow Loop 7

Poison Arrow Loop 8

Poison Arrow Loop 9

Poisoned Planet

Poisoned Planet 30secs

Poisoned Planet 60secs

Poisoned Planet Loop 01

Poisoned Planet Loop 02

Poisoned Planet Loop 03

Poisoned Planet Loop 04

Poisoned Planet No Drums

Poisoned Planet No Vocals

Poisoned Planet Stinger 01

Poisoned Planet Stinger 02


Poker Face

Poker Face 30secs

Poker Face 50secs

Polecka Na Loberka

Polecka Na Loberka Loop 01

Polecka Na Loberka No Drums

Polecka Na Loberka Stinger 01

Polecka Na Loberka Stinger 02

Polecka Na Loberka Stinger 03

Polecka Na Loberka Stinger 04

Polka Ferajna

Polka Ferajna Loop 01

Polka Ferajna No Drums

Polka Ferajna No Vocals

Polka Ferajna No Vocals No Drums

Polka Ferajna Stinger 01

Polka Ferajna Stinger 02

Polka Hey

Polka Hey 30secs

Polka Hey Loop A

Polka Hey Loop B

Polka Hey Loop C

Polka Hey No Voices

Polka Hey Underscore

Polka Przytkana

Polka Przytkana No Drums

Polka Przytkana Stinger 01

Polka Vodka

Pollen Count

Polly Put the Kettle On


Polyester Pants

Polyester Pants 15secs

Polyester Pants 30secs

Polyester Pants 60secs

Polyester Pants Loop 01

Polyester Pants Loop 02

Polyester Pants Loop 03

Polyester Pants Loop 04

Polyester Pants Loop 05

Polyester Pants Loop 06

Polyester Pants No Horns

Polyester Pants Stinger 01

Polyester Pants Stinger 02

Polyester Pants Stinger 03

Polyester Pants Tamborine No Drums

Polyester Pants Underscore


Polygon 30secs

Polygon 60secs

Polygon Loop 01

Polygon Loop 02

Polygon Loop 03

Polygon Stinger 01

Polygon Stinger 02

Polygon Stinger 03

Polygon Underscore




Pondering (Loop 1)

Pondering (Loop 2)

Pondering 30secs

Pondering 30secs

Pondering 60secs

Pondering Loop 01

Pondering Loop 01

Pondering Loop 02

Pondering Loop 02

Pondering Loop 03

Pondering Loop 03

Pondering Loop 04

Pondering Stinger 01

Pondering Stinger 01

Pondering Stinger 02

Pondering Strings Only

Pondering Underscore

Pool Funk

Poom Poom

Pop And Go

Pop And Go (Loop 1)

Pop And Go (Loop 2)

Pop And Go (Loop 3)

Pop Celebration

Pop Celebration 15secs

Pop Celebration 30secs

Pop Celebration 60secs

Pop Celebration Loop 01

Pop Celebration Loop 02

Pop Celebration Loop 03

Pop Celebration Stinger 01

Pop Celebration Stinger 02

Pop Celebration Stinger 03

Pop Celebration Stinger 04

Pop Celebration Stinger 05

Pop Celebration Underscore

Pop City

Pop City 30secs

Pop City 60secs

Pop City Loop 01

Pop City Loop 02

Pop City Loop 03

Pop City Stinger 01

Pop City Stinger 02

Pop City Underscore

Pop Dream

Pop Electro with Pop Vocal

Pop Goes the Weasel (Children Group Vocal)

Pop Goes the Weasel (Children Group Vocal) No Sound-FX

Pop Goes the Weasel (Children Vocals)

Pop Goes the Weasel (Children Vocals) Short 1

Pop Goes the Weasel (Children Vocals) Short 2

Pop Goes the Weasel (Instr.)

Pop Goes the Weasel (Instr.) Loop

Pop Goes the Weasel (Instrumental)

Pop Goes the Weasel (Instrumental) No Sound-FX

Pop Goes the Weasel Loop 01

Pop Goes the Weasle

Pop Presentation

Pop Presentation 15secs

Pop Presentation 30secs

Pop Presentation 60secs

Pop Presentation Loop 01

Pop Presentation Loop 02

Pop Presentation Loop 03

Pop Presentation Loop 04

Pop Presentation Stinger 01

Pop Presentation Stinger 02

Pop Presentation Stinger 03

Pop Presentation Stinger 04

Pop Presentation Stinger 05

Pop Presentation Underscore

Pop Resolution

Pop Suey

Pop Suey 30secs

Pop Suey 60secs

Pop Till We Drop

Pop Till We Drop 15secs

Pop Till We Drop 30secs

Pop Till We Drop 60secs

Pop Till We Drop Loop 01

Pop Till We Drop Loop 02

Pop Till We Drop Loop 03

Pop Till We Drop Stinger 01

Pop Till We Drop Stinger 02

Pop Till We Drop Underscore

Pop TV

Pop TV Stinger 1

Pop TV Stinger 2

Pop TV Stinger 3

Pop TV Stinger 4

Pop TV Stinger 5

Pop TV Stinger 6

Pop TV Underscore

Pop Vibez (Vibes 01)

Pop Vibez (Vibes 02)

Pop Vibez (Vibes 03)

Pop Vibez (Vibes 04)


Popcorn (Loop)


Poprock (30 sec)

Poprock (60 sec)

Poprock (Loop 1)

Poprock (Loop 2)

Poprock (Loop 3)

Poprock (Sting)


Popsicle 30secs

Popsicle 60secs

Popsicle Loop 01

Popsicle Loop 02

Popsicle Loop 03

Popsicle Stinger 01

Popsicle Stinger 02

Popsicle Underscore


Portentum 15secs

Portentum 30secs

Portentum 60secs

Portentum Stinger

Ports of the World

Ports of the World 15secs

Ports of the World 30secs

Ports of the World 60secs

Ports of the World Loop 1

Ports of the World Loop 2

Ports of the World Loop 3


Positive 30sec

Positive 60sec

Positive Actions

Positive Actions (30 sec)

Positive Actions (60 sec)

Positive Actions (Loop)

Positive Actions (Sting)

Positive Actions (Underscore)

Positive and Inspired

Positive Days

Positive Days 15secs

Positive Days 30secs

Positive Days 60secs

Positive Days Loop 01

Positive Days Loop 02

Positive Days Loop 03

Positive Days Loop 04

Positive Days Stinger 01

Positive Days Underscore

Positive Drive

Positive Energy

Positive Energy 34secs

Positive Energy 60secs

Positive Energy Loop 01

Positive Energy Loop 02

Positive Energy Loop 03

Positive Energy Stinger 01

Positive Energy Stinger 02

Positive Energy Stinger 03

Positive Energy Underscore

Positive Flow

Positive Flow 15secs

Positive Flow 30secs

Positive Flow 60secs

Positive Flow Loop 01

Positive Flow Loop 02

Positive Flow Loop 03

Positive Flow Loop 04

Positive Flow Loop 05

Positive Flow Loop 06

Positive Flow Stinger 01

Positive Flow Stinger 02

Positive Flow Underscore

Positive Indie

Positive Indie Loop 01

Positive Indie Loop 02

Positive Indie Loop 03

Positive Indie Loop 04

Positive Indie Stinger 01

Positive Indie Stinger 02

Positive Indie Underscore v1

Positive Indie Underscore v2

Positive Loop A

Positive Loop B

Positive Loop C

Positive Movement

Positive Outcome

Positive Outcome 1min 11secs

Positive Outcome 35secs

Positive Outcome Loop 1

Positive Outcome Loop 2

Positive Outcome Loop 3

Positive Outcome Loop 4

Positive Outcome Loop Ending

Positive Outcome No Clicks

Positive Outcome Stinger 1

Positive Outcome Stinger 2

Positive Outcome Stinger 3

Positive Outcome Stinger 4

Positive Outcome Stinger 5

Positive Outcome Stinger 6

Positive Pop

Positive Solution

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking 27secs

Positive Thinking 35secs

Positive Thinking 43secs v1

Positive Thinking 43secs v2

Positive Thinking 59secs

Positive Thinking 60secs

Positive Thinking Loop 1

Positive Thinking Loop 1

Positive Thinking Loop 10 End

Positive Thinking Loop 2

Positive Thinking Loop 2

Positive Thinking Loop 3

Positive Thinking Loop 3

Positive Thinking Loop 4

Positive Thinking Loop 4

Positive Thinking Loop 5

Positive Thinking Loop 5

Positive Thinking Loop 6

Positive Thinking Loop 6

Positive Thinking Loop 7

Positive Thinking Loop 7

Positive Thinking Loop 8

Positive Thinking Loop 8

Positive Thinking Loop 9

Positive Thinking Loop End

Positive Thinking Shorter 1

Positive Thinking Shorter 2

Positive Thinking Shorter 3

Positive Thinking Shorter 4

Positive Thinking Stinger 1

Positive Thinking Stinger 2

Positive Underscore

Positive Uplifting

Positive Uplifting 15secs

Positive Uplifting 30secs

Positive Uplifting 60secs

Positive Vibe

Positive Vibe 30secs

Positive Vibe 60secs

Positive Vibe Loop 01

Positive Vibe Stinger 01

Positive Vibe Stinger 02

Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes 30secs

Positive Vibes 60secs

Positive Vibes Alt Solo

Positive Vibes Loop A

Positive Vibes Loop B

Positive Vibes Loop C

Positive Vibes Loop D

Positive Vibes Stinger

Positive Vibes Underscore





Positivity (Loop)

Positivity 30secs

Positivity 35secs

Positivity 60secs

Positivity 65secs

Positivity Loop 01

Positivity Loop 02

Positivity Stinger 01

Positivity Stinger 02

Positivity Underscore

Positron (Loop)


Possibilities 30secs

Possibilities 60secs

Possibilities Loop 01

Possibilities Loop 02

Possibilities Loop 03

Possibilities Stinger 01

Possibilities Stinger 02

Possibilities Stinger 03

Possibilities Underscore

Possible Mike

Possible Results

Pottering About

Power Agent

Power Agent 30secs

Power Agent 60secs

Power Agent Loop 01

Power Agent Loop 02

Power Agent Loop 03

Power Agent Stinger 01

Power Agent Stinger 02

Power Agent Stinger 03

Power Agent Underscore

Power And Glory

Power And Glory 30secs cut 1

Power And Glory 30secs cut 2

Power And Glory 5secs cut 1

Power And Glory 5secs cut 2

Power And Glory Underscore

Power Box 30sec

Power Engine

Power Engine 15secs

Power Engine 30secs

Power Engine 60secs

Power Engine Loop 01

Power Engine Loop 02

Power Engine Stinger 01

Power Engine Stinger 02

Power Engine Stinger 03

Power Engine Underscore

Power Hour

Power Hour 15secs

Power Hour 30secs

Power Hour 60secs

Power Hour Loop 1

Power Hour Loop 2

Power House

Power House 16secs

Power House 30secs

Power House 60secs

Power Knuckle

Power Knuckle 30secs

Power Knuckle 60secs

Power Knuckle Loop 01

Power Knuckle Loop 02

Power Knuckle Loop 03

Power Knuckle Loop 04

Power Knuckle Stinger 01

Power Knuckle Stinger 02

Power Knuckle Underscore

Power of Tower

Power of Tower 30secs

Power of Tower Loop 01

Power of Tower Loop 02

Power of Tower Stinger 01

Power On

Power Pop Goes Bang

Power Pop Goes Bang 15secs

Power Pop Goes Bang 30secs

Power Pop Goes Bang 60secs

Power Pop Goes Bang Alternative

Power Pop Goes Bang Loop 01

Power Pop Goes Bang Loop 02

Power Pop Goes Bang Loop 03

Power Pop Goes Bang Loop 04

Power Pulse 2min bed

Power Story

Power Story 30secs

Power Story Loop

Power Supply

Power Supply 30secs

Power Supply 60secs

Power Supply Loop 01

Power Supply Loop 02

Power Supply Loop 03

Power Supply Stinger 01

Power Supply Stinger 02

Power Supply Stinger 03

Power Supply Underscore

Power Surge

Power Surge 30secs

Power Surge 60secs

Power Surge Loop 01

Power Surge Loop 02

Power Surge Loop 03

Power Surge Loop 04

Power Surge Stinger 01

Power Surge Stinger 02

Power Surge Underscore

Power Trip

Power Trip 30secs

Power Trip 60secs

Power Trip Extended Intro Version

Power Trip Loop 1

Power Trip Loop 2

Power Trip Loop 3

Power Trip Loop 4

Power Trip Loop 5

Power Trip Stinger 1

Power Trip Stinger 2

Power Trip Stinger 3

Power Trip Stinger 4

Power Trip Underscore

Power Up

Power Up 30secs

Power Up 60secs

Power Up Loop 01

Power Up Loop 02

Power Up Stinger 01

Power Up Stinger 02

Power Up Stinger 03

Power Up Underscore

Power Wedge

Power Wedge 10 secs

Power Wedge 15 secs

Power Wedge 30 secs

Power Wedge 5 secs

Power Wedge 60 secs

Power Wedge Loop

Power Wedge Underscore

Power Wedge Underscore Loop

Power, Conquer and Glory

Power, Conquer and Glory Part 1

Power, Conquer and Glory Part 2

Power, Conquer and Glory Part 3

Power, Conquer and Glory Part 4

Powered Dark

Powered Dark 15secs

Powered Dark 30secs

Powered Dark 60secs

Powered Dark Loop 1

Powered Dark Loop 2

Powered Dark Loop 3

Powered Dark Loop 4


Powerfield 15secs

Powerfield 30secs version 1

Powerfield 30secs version 2

Powerfield 60secs version 1

Powerfield 60secs version 2

Powerfield Loop 1

Powerfield Loop 2

Powerfield Stinger 1

Powerfield Stinger 2

Powerfield Underscore

Prairie Adventures

Prairie Adventures 30secs

Prairie Adventures 60secs

Prairie Adventures Loop 01

Prairie Adventures Loop 02

Prairie Adventures Loop 03

Prairie Adventures Stage Mix

Prairie Adventures Stinger 02

Prairie Adventures Stinger 03

Prairie Breeze

Prairie Breeze 30secs

Prairie Breeze 60secs

Prairie Breeze Loop 01

Prairie Breeze Loop 02

Prairie Breeze Stinger 01

Prairie Dog Two Step

Prairie Dog Two Step 30secs

Prairie Dog Two Step 60secs

Prairie Dog Two Step Loop 01

Prairie Dog Two Step Loop 02

Prairie Dog Two Step Stinger 01

Prairie Dog Two Step Underscore

Prairie Dreams

Prairie Dreams 30secs

Prairie Dreams 60secs

Prairie Dreams Loop 01

Prairie Dreams Loop 02

Prairie Dreams Loop 03

Prairie Dreams Loop 04

Prairie Dreams Stinger 01

Prairie Dreams Stinger 02

Prairie Dreams Underscore


Prankster No Percussion


Preach 30secs

Preach 60secs

Preach Loop 1

Preach Loop 2

Preach Loop 3

Preach Loop 4

Preach Loop 5

Preach Loop 6

Preach Loop 7

Preach Stinger 1

Preach Stinger 2

Preach Stinger 3

Preach Stinger 4

Preach Underscore

Precise Movement

Precise Movement (30 sec)

Prelude in C Bach

Prelude in C Major

Prelude in C Minor

Prelude No.15 Chopin

Prelude Opus 28 No.15 in D flat major (Raindrop)

Prelude Opus 28 No.20 in C Minor (Funeral March)

Prelude Opus 28 No.20 in C Minor (Funeral March) (Quiet Ending)

Prelude Opus 28 No.4 in E Minor (Suffocation)

Prelude Opus 28 No.7 A Major (The Polish Dancer)

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Prawn

Premier B-Boy

Premier B-Boy 30secs

Premier B-Boy 60secs

Premier B-Boy Loop 01

Premier B-Boy Loop 02

Premier B-Boy Loop 03

Premier B-Boy Loop 04

Premier B-Boy Stinger 01

Premier B-Boy Stinger 02

Premier B-Boy Stinger 03

Premier B-Boy Underscore

Prepare for Battle

Prepare for Battle 35secs

Prepare for Battle Drums Only

Prepare for Battle No Drums

Prepare for Battle No Solo Cello

Prepare for the Horde

Prepare for the Horde 20secs

Prepare for the Horde 40secs

Prepare for the Horde Loop 1

Prepare for the Horde Loop 2

Prepare for the Horde Loop 3

Prepare for the Horde Percussion

Prepare for the Horde Percussion Loop 01

Prepare for the Horde Percussion-Only

Prepare for the Horde Stinger 1

Prepare for the Horde Stinger 2

Prepare for the Horde Stinger 3

Present Tense

Present Tense

Present Tense 30secs

Present Tense 30secs

Present Tense 60secs

Present Tense Loop 01

Present Tense Loop 02

Present Tense Loop 03

Present Tense Loop 04

Present Tense Stinger 01

Present Tense Stinger 02

Present Tense Underscore

Presents Under the Tree

Presents Under the Tree (30 sec)

Presents Under the Tree (60 sec)

Presents Under the Tree (Loop 1)

Presents Under the Tree (Loop 2)

Presents Under the Tree (Loop 3)

Presents Under the Tree (Sting)

Presents Under the Tree (Underscore)


Presidents 35secs

Presidents 60secs

Presidents Loop 1

Presidents Loop 2

Presidents Loop 3

Presidents Loop 4

Presidents Loop 5

Presidents Loop 6

Presidents Loop 7

Presidents Loop 8 Ending

Press On

Press On 30secs

Press On 60secs

Press On Loop 01

Press On Loop 02

Press On Loop 03

Press On Loop 04

Press On Loop 05

Press On Stinger 01

Press On Stinger 02

Press On Underscore

Pressing Forwards

Pressing Forwards 30secs

Pressing Forwards 60secs

Pressing Forwards Loop 1

Pressing Forwards Loop 2

Pressing Forwards Underscore

Prey and Predator

Prey and Predator 15secs

Prey and Predator 30secs

Prey and Predator 60secs

Prey and Predator Alternate Mix

Prey and Predator Loop 01

Prey and Predator Loop 02

Prey and Predator Stinger 01

Prey and Predator Stinger 02

Prey and Predator Stinger 03

Pride of Africa

Prim Miss Logic

Prim Miss Logic 15secs

Prim Miss Logic 30secs

Prim Miss Logic 60secs

Prim Miss Logic Loop 01

Prim Miss Logic Loop 02

Prim Miss Logic Loop 03

Prim Miss Logic Loop 04

Prim Miss Logic Loop 05

Prim Miss Logic Loop 06

Prim Miss Logic No Drums

Prim Miss Logic Stinger 01

Prim Miss Logic Stinger 02

Prim Miss Logic Stinger 03

Prim Miss Logic Stinger 04

Prim Miss Logic Underscore


Primal 30secs

Primal 60secs

Primal Loop 1

Primal Loop 10

Primal Loop 11

Primal Loop 12

Primal Loop 13

Primal Loop 2

Primal Loop 3

Primal Loop 4

Primal Loop 5

Primal Loop 6

Primal Loop 7

Primal Loop 8

Primal Loop 9

Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect (Loop 1)

Prime Suspect (Loop 2)

Prime TV

Prime TV 10secs

Prime TV Impact version

Prime TV Loop 01

Prime TV Loop 02

Prime TV Stinger 01

Prime TV Stinger 02

Prime TV Stinger 03

Prime TV Stinger 04

Prime TV Stinger 05

Prime TV Underscore

Primetime Workout

Primetime Workout 30secs

Primetime Workout 60secs

Primetime Workout Loop 01

Primetime Workout Loop 02

Primetime Workout Loop 03

Primetime Workout Loop 04

Primetime Workout Underscore

Primum et Ultimum

Primum et Ultimum 30secs

Primum et Ultimum 30secs Alt

Primum et Ultimum 30secs Alt No Choir

Primum et Ultimum 30secs No Choir

Primum et Ultimum 60secs

Primum et Ultimum 60secs No Choir

Primum et Ultimum No Choir

Primum et Ultimum Stinger 1

Primum et Ultimum Stinger 1 No Choir

Primum et Ultimum Stinger 2

Primum et Ultimum Stinger 2 No Choir

Prince of Ponds

Prince of Ponds 15secs

Prince of Ponds 30secs

Prince of Ponds 60secs

Prince of Ponds Loop 1

Prince of Ponds Loop 2


Princess Tale

Princess Tale Brass 75secs

Princess Tale Strings

Princess Tale Theme 1min

Princess Tale Theme 30secs

Princess Tale Woodwinds and Brass

Princess Tale Woodwinds and Harp

Princess Tale Woodwinds Theme

Princess Tale Woodwinds Theme No Brass

Priority Given

Priority Given 30secs

Priority Given 60secs

Priority Given Loop 01

Priority Given Loop 02

Priority Given Loop 03

Priority Given Stinger 01

Priority Given Stinger 02

Priority Given Stinger 03

Priority Given Underscore


Private Eye

Private Eye 15secs

Private Eye 30secs

Private Eye 60secs

Private Eye Loop 01

Private Eye Loop 02

Private Eye No Horns

Private Eye No Melody

Private Eye Stinger 01

Private Eye Stinger 02

Private Eyes

Product Arrival

Product Arrival (Loop 1)

Product Arrival (Sting)

Product Funk

Product Funk 30secs

Product Funk 60secs



Progressive 30secs

Progressive 60secs

Progressive Boy

Progressive Boy 30secs

Progressive Boy 60secs

Progressive Boy Loop 01

Progressive Boy Loop 02

Progressive Dubstep

Progressive Dubstep 30secs

Progressive Dubstep 50secs

Progressive Dubstep Loop 01

Progressive Dubstep Loop 02

Progressive Rocks

Progressive Rocks 30secs

Progressive Rocks 60secs

Progressive Rocks Loop 01

Progressive Rocks Loop 02

Progressive Skill

Progressive Skill 30secs

Progressive Skill 60secs

Progressive Skill Loop 01

Progressive Skill Loop 02

Progressive Skill Loop 03

Progressive Skill Underscore

Prohibition Blues

Prohibition Blues Loop 01

Project KOKA

Project KOKA (Longer Loop)

Project KOKA 30secs

Project KOKA 60secs

Project KOKA Loop A

Project KOKA Loop B

Project KOKA Loop C

Project KOKA Loop D

Project KOKA Loop E

Project KOKA Vocal

Project X

Project X 20secs

Project X 22secs

Project X 30secs

Project X 4mins

Project X 60secs

Project X Loop 1

Project X Loop 2

Project X Loop 3

Project X Loop 4

Project X Loop 5

Project X Stinger 1

Project X Stinger 2

Project X Stinger 3

Project X Stinger 4

Promise Instr.


Promising 30secs

Promising 60secs

Promising Loop 01

Promising Loop 02

Promising Stinger 01

Promising Stinger 02

Promising Stinger 03

Promising Underscore

Promo Up

Protect the Heart

Protein Hip Hop

Protein Hip Hop 30secs

Protein Hip Hop 60secs

Protein Hip Hop Loop A

Protein Hip Hop Loop B

Protein Hip Hop Loop C

Protein Hip Hop Loop E

Proving a Point

Proving a Point (30 sec)

Proving a Point (60 sec)

Proving a Point (Loop 1)

Proving a Point (Loop 2)

Proving a Point (Loop 3)



Proximity 30secs

Proximity 60secs

Proximity Loop 01

Proximity Loop 02

Proximity Loop 03

Proximity No Drums

Proximity No Vocals

Proximity Stinger 01

Proximity Stinger 02


Psychedelic Burst

Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers (30 sec)

Psychic Powers (60 sec)

Psychic Powers (Loop 1)

Psychic Powers (Loop 2)

Psychic Powers (Loop 3)

Psychic Powers (Sting)

Psycho Stalker


Psychopath 30secs

Psychopath 60secs

Psychopath Loop 01

Psychopath Loop 02

Psychopath Loop 03

Psychopath No Voice

Psychopath Stinger 01

Psychopath Stinger 02

Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper Loop 01

Puddle Jumper Loop 02

Puddle Jumper No Drums

Puerto Rico Noche

Puerto Rico Noche 30secs

Puerto Rico Noche 60secs

Puerto Rico Noche Loop 01

Puerto Rico Noche Loop 02

Puerto Rico Noche Loop 03

Puerto Rico Noche Loop 04

Puerto Rico Noche Stinger 01

Puerto Rico Noche Stinger 02

Puerto Rico Noche Underscore

Pulling Together

Pulling Together 30secs

Pulling Together 60secs

Pulling Together Loop 01

Pulling Together Loop 02

Pulling Together Stinger 01

Pulling Together Stinger 02

Pulling Together Underscore

Pulsating Lights

Pulsating Lights 30secs v1

Pulsating Lights 30secs v2

Pulsating Lights 60secs v1

Pulsating Lights 60secs v2

Pulsating Lights Loop 01

Pulsating Lights Loop 02

Pulsating Lights Stinger 01

Pulsating Lights Stinger 02


Pulsation 30secs

Pulsation 60secs

Pulsation Loop 01

Pulsation Loop 02

Pulsation Loop 03

Pulsation Loop 04





Pulse 30secs

Pulse 30secs

Pulse 30secs

Pulse 38secs

Pulse 60secs

Pulse 60secs

Pulse 60secs

Pulse 60secs

Pulse Lights

Pulse Lights 30secs

Pulse Lights 60secs

Pulse Lights Loop 01

Pulse Lights Loop 02

Pulse Lights Loop 03

Pulse Lights Stinger 01

Pulse Lights Stinger 02

Pulse Lights Underscore

Pulse Line Dance Groove

Pulse Line Loop 1

Pulse Line Loop 2

Pulse Line Loop 3

Pulse Line Loop 4

Pulse Line Loop 5

Pulse Line Loop 6

Pulse Line Loop 7

Pulse Line Underscore

Pulse Loop 01

Pulse Loop 01

Pulse Loop 01

Pulse Loop 02

Pulse Loop 02

Pulse Loop 02

Pulse Loop 03

Pulse Loop 03

Pulse Loop 03

Pulse Loop 04

Pulse Loop 1

Pulse Loop 2

Pulse Motion

Pulse Motion 30secs

Pulse Motion 60secs

Pulse Motion Loop 01

Pulse Motion Loop 02

Pulse Motion Loop 03

Pulse Motion Loop 04

Pulse Motion Loop 05

Pulse Motion Stinger 01

Pulse Motion Stinger 02

Pulse Motion Underscore

Pulse of Life

Pulse Stinger 01

Pulse Stinger 01

Pulse Stinger 02

Pulse Stinger 02

Pulse Underscore

Pulse Underscore

Pulsing Beat

Pulsing Beat (Loop 1)

Pulsing Beat (Loop 2)

Pulsing Fear 1.0

Pulsing Fear 1.0 No Drums

Pulsing Fear 1.0 Underscore

Pulsing Fear 2.0

Pulsing Fear 2.0 No Drums

Pulsing Fear 2.0 Underscore

Pulsing Organ Beat

Pump Steady Groove

Pump Steady Groove 30secs

Pump Steady Groove 60secs

Pump Steady Groove Loop 01

Pump Steady Groove Loop 02

Pump Steady Groove Loop 03

Pump Steady Groove Loop 04

Pump Steady Groove Stinger 01

Pump Steady Groove Stinger 02

Pump Steady Groove Underscore

Pump With Us

Pump With Us 30secs

Pump With Us 60secs

Pump With Us Loop 01

Pump With Us Loop 02

Pump With Us Loop 03

Pump With Us Underscore

Pumpd Up

Pumpd Up 30secs version 1

Pumpd Up 30secs version 2

Pumpd Up 60secs

Pumpd Up Loop 1

Pumpd Up Loop 2

Pumpd Up Loop 3

Pumpd Up Loop 4

Pumpd Up Stinger 1

Pumpd Up Stinger 2

Pumpd Up Stinger 3

Pumpd Up Stinger 4

Pumpd Up Underscore

Pumpd Up Workout

Pumpkin Army


Punjab Instr.

Punk & Fun

Punk & Fun 15secs

Punk & Fun 30secs

Punk & Fun 60secs

Punk & Fun Loop 1

Punk & Fun Loop 2

Punk & Fun Loop 3

Punk Intent

Punk Pop

Punk Pop

Punk Pop 25secs

Punk Pop 30secs

Punk Pop 60secs

Punk Pop 60secs

Punk Pop Loop 01

Punk Pop Loop 02

Punk Pop Loop 03

Punk Pop Stinger 01

Punk Pop Stinger 02

Punk Pop Stinger 03

Punk Pop Underscore

Punk Riot

Punk Riot 30secs

Punk Riot 60secs

Punk Riot Loop 01

Punk Riot Loop 02

Punk Riot Loop 03

Punk Riot Stinger 01

Punk Riot Stinger 02

Punk Riot Stinger 03

Punk Riot Underscore

Punk Shuffle

Punk Shuffle 30secs

Punk Shuffle 60secs

Punk Shuffle Loop 01

Punk Shuffle Loop 02

Punk Shuffle Loop 03

Punk Shuffle Stinger 01

Punk Shuffle Stinger 02

Punk Shuffle Underscore

Punked Out

Punked Out 30secs

Punked Out 60secs

Punked Out Loop 01

Punked Out Loop 02

Punked Out Loop 03

Punked Out Loop 04

Punked Out Stinger 01

Punked Out Stinger 02

Punked Out Underscore

Punkers Party

Punkers Party 30secs

Punkers Party 60secs

Punkers Party Loop 01

Punkers Party Loop 02

Punkers Party Loop 03

Punkers Party Loop 04

Punkers Party Stinger 01

Punkers Party Stinger 02

Punkers Party Underscore


Punky (30 sec)

Punky (60 sec)

Punky (Loop 1)

Punky (Loop 2)

Punky (Loop 3)

Punky (Sting)

Punky Summer

Punky Summer 30secs

Punky Summer 60secs

Punky Summer Loop 01

Punky Summer Loop 02

Punky Summer Loop 03

Punky Summer Loop 04

Punky Summer Stinger 01

Punky Summer Stinger 02

Punky Summer Underscore

Purcell Trumpet Tune

Purcell Trumpet Tune for String Quartet


Pure 4mins

Pure Gold

Pure Gold 30secs

Pure Gold 60secs

Pure Gold Loop 01

Pure Gold Loop 02

Pure Gold Stinger 01

Pure Gold Stinger 02

Pure Gold Underscore

Pure Images

Pure Images 30secs

Pure Images 60secs

Pure Images Accompaniment Only

Pure Images No Beats

Pure Images Strings

Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Pure Joy 30secs

Pure Joy 30secs

Pure Joy 60secs

Pure Joy 60secs

Pure Joy Loop A

Pure Joy Loop A

Pure Joy Loop B

Pure Joy Loop B

Pure Joy Loop C

Pure Joy Loop C

Pure Joy Stinger

Pure Joy Underscore

Pure Joy Underscore

Pure Luxury

Pure Luxury 15secs

Pure Luxury 30secs

Pure Luxury 60secs

Pure Luxury Loop 1

Pure Luxury Loop 2

Pure Luxury Loop 3

Pure Snow Latin Quality

Pure Snow Latin Quality 30secs

Pure Snow Latin Quality 60secs

Pure Snow Latin Quality Loop 01

Pure Snow Latin Quality Loop 02

Pure Snow Latin Quality Loop 03

Pure Snow Latin Quality Stinger 01

Pure Snow Latin Quality Stinger 02

Pure Snow Latin Quality Underscore



Purity (Loop 1)

Purity (Loop 2)

Purity (Loop 3)

Purity 30secs version 1

Purity 30secs version 2

Purity 60secs version 1

Purity 60secs version 2

Purity Loop 1

Purity Loop 2

Purity Loop 3

Purity No Drums

Purity Stinger 1

Purity Stinger 2

Purity Stinger 3

Purity Stinger 4

Purity Underscore

Purple Dream

Purple Dream 30secs

Purple Dream 60secs

Purple Dream Loop 01

Purple Dream Loop 02

Purple Dream Loop 03

Purple Dream Stinger 01

Purple Dream Stinger 02

Purple Dream Underscore

Purple Rocks

Purple Velvet Armchair

Purple Velvet Armchair 30secs

Purple Velvet Armchair 60secs

Purple Velvet Armchair Loop A

Purple Velvet Armchair Loop B

Purple Velvet Armchair Loop C

Purple Velvet Armchair Underscore


Pursuit 30secs

Pursuit 60secs

Pursuit Loop 1

Pursuit Loop 10

Pursuit Loop 11

Pursuit Loop 12 Ending

Pursuit Loop 2

Pursuit Loop 3

Pursuit Loop 4

Pursuit Loop 5

Pursuit Loop 6

Pursuit Loop 7

Pursuit Loop 8

Pursuit Loop 9

Push And Pump

Push And Pump 30secs

Push And Pump 60secs

Push And Pump Loop 1

Push And Pump Loop 2

Push And Pump Loop 3

Push And Pump Loop 4

Push And Pump Loop 5

Push And Pump Loop 6

Push And Pump Loop 7

Push And Pump Loop 8

Push It

Push It

Push It

Push It 25secs

Push It 30secs

Push It 30secs

Push It 60secs

Push It 60secs version 1

Push It 60secs version 2

Push It Loop 01

Push It Loop 01

Push It Loop 02

Push It Loop 02

Push It Loop 03

Push It Loop 03

Push It Loop 04

Push It Stinger 01

Push It Stinger 02

Push It Underscore

Pushin On

Pushin On 30sec

Pushin On 60sec v1

Pushin On 60sec v2

Pushin On Acoustic Mix

Pushin On Loop 1

Pushin On Loop 2

Pushin On Loop 3

Pushin On Loop 4

Pushin On Stinger 1

Pushin On Stinger 2

Pushin On Stinger 3

Pushin On Underscore

Pushing Forwards

Pushing Forwards 30secs version 1

Pushing Forwards 30secs version 2

Pushing Forwards 60secs version 1

Pushing Forwards 60secs version 2

Pushing Forwards Loop 01

Pushing Forwards Loop 02

Pushing Forwards Stinger 01

Pushing Forwards Stinger 02

Pushing Forwards Stinger 03

Pushing Forwards Underscore

Put the Effort in (Loop)

Put The Needle On It

Put The Needle On It 15secs

Put The Needle On It 30secs v1

Put The Needle On It 30secs v2

Put The Needle On It 60secs v1

Put The Needle On It 60secs v2

Put The Needle On It FX

Put The Needle On It Loop 1

Put The Needle On It Loop 2

Put The Needle On It Loop 3

Put The Needle On It Loop 4

Put The Needle On It Stinger 1

Put The Needle On It Stinger 2

Put The Needle On It Stinger 3

Put The Needle On It Stinger 4

Put The Needle On It Underscore

Put Your Arms Around Me

Put Your Arms Instr.

Put Your Finger on Your Head

Put Your Hands Up

Put Your Hands Up (30 sec)

Put Your Hands Up (60 sec)

Put Your Hands Up (Loop 1)

Put Your Hands Up (Loop 2)

Put Your Hands Up (Loop 3)

Put Your Hands Up (Sting)


Pyromaniac No Verse Whammy Lead


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