Vlogger Discounts Up to 75% Discount

Our music library was originally set up for businesses, advertisers and broadcasters. However, we realised that there are many individuals, students, hobby filmmakers and bloggers with smaller budgets who would love to use our music in their media projects but can't afford or justify our professional rates. For this reason, we have created our vlogger discount so that you can access individual professional music tracks and loops that suit a variety of budgets. No need to commit to a subscription and you can use the music in multiple videos/channels that you own. The guide below explains the various discount levels based on your usage.

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Vlogger / Personal

Resolve technical problems

Full tracks from £5

Loops from £2

Up to 500,000 views

Price Exclude VAT

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Vlogger Pro 1

Resolve technical problems

Full tracks from £10

Loops from £4

Up to 1,000,000 views

Price Exclude VAT

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Vlogger Pro 2

Resolve technical problems

Full tracks from £15

Loops from £8

Up to 2,000,000 views

Price Exclude VAT

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Vlogger Pro 3

Resolve technical problems

Full tracks from £20

Loops from £10

Up to 3,000,000 views

Price Exclude VAT

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What does Up to 500,000 views mean?

This is the average views that your videos are getting. You will probably have a feel for how many views you are getting, but if not, the average views is easy to work out. Just add up your last 5 video viewer numbers and divide them by 5. This will tell you which option you can apply for. It is a guide only, and it only applies at the time of buying your credits. You do not have to relicense music if your video views increase over a period of time.


Are there any limitations I need to be aware of?

Yes, when receiving a vlogger discount, your music usage is limited to your own vlog videos or personal or student films. You can use it in as many of your own videos as you like but you can not use the music in any commercial projects or share it with your friends.


Can I use the music to promote my business?

Not on this license. You would need one of our business licenses for that.

The music on the Vlogger accounts must not be used to advertise, promote or represent a company, it is intended as a low-cost option for vloggers of all levels.


How can I use the music or sound effects?

You can use it in all of your own videos as a supporting element to your personal videos or vlogs. It is important that people are following you because of your content, and not because of our music. It should be used to enhance your production as a background / supporting role.

It can not be the main feature of your video. For example, an entire video with a nursery rhyme or relaxation track and a stock photo footage is relying on the music to generate views and is vlog content.


Can I Monetize my videos?

Yes, providing your video and content is the reason you are getting viewers. You can not just put our music in its entirety to a background image and monetize it. Your ad revenue needs to be a result of your content with our music as a supporting element.

For YouTube, please see ###


Can I use this option for Podcasts?

Yes, but the music or sound effects must be a supporting aspect of your production. You can not just stream the music. It must be a podcast where you are the reason people are tuning in. 

Just substitute the average views to average listens to know which option to happy for.


I have several channels, is this okay?

Yes, that is fine providing that they are all your channels. You can have multiple YouTube channels or multiple social channels.


How do I calculate my views?

Just look at your last 5 videos or podcast. You will probably know straightway ut if you are near or over the threshold on one of your videos, add them up and divide by 5 to get the average number.

If you have multiple channels, pick your biggest. We don't expect you to add up every channel you are on.

Our composers rely on income from their music so this is just a guide to make sure they get paid more where your channel is bigger, and that you get a low price when you need it.


I am not sure which option to pick, will you help?

When you apply for a Vlogger discount we will ask you a few questions and advise you appropriately. We are here to help.


I still can't afford this cost, can you help me?

Our composers need to earn an income for their work and we have done our best to offer a really good deal. That said, if you want a better deal, we might be able to offer a further discount for bulk or regular purchases. When you apply tell us about your requirements.


Can I use the music for free?

We understand that some artist let vloggers use their music for free, however, our composers need to pay their bills and can't afford to work for free. Most of our music needs to be purchased but we do have a very small selection of free tracks.


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