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Chill Out - Heavens

Royalty free music for relaxing and chilling to. Ideal for background music for public venues. PRS free, public safe music.

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Results for Chill Out - Heavens

Chill Out Heavens 10

Track Length:  5.12

This piece of music has a flowing feeling with guitar, synthesizers and piano. Feels a little like the background to a 90's rock ballad.
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Chill Out Heavens 1

Track Length:  5.19

Rhythmic piece with glistening soundscapes, piano and harp lead. Strong drums throughout. Reflective and thoughtful piece, perfect background music fo...
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Chill Out Heavens 3

Track Length:  5.08

Slow track that starts with broad pad sounds joined by distant guitar, pan pipes and harp sounds. It has a slight mystical feel yet atmospheric.
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Chill Out Heavens 2

Track Length:  5.57

Electric guitar lead with delicate synth pads underscoring the melody. Lots of bell tree sounds give this track a magical and inspirational feel.
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Chill Out Heavens 4

Track Length:  5.07

Fresh sounding beginning with breathy synths, lots of bells and angelic voices. This chill out piece is slow and relaxing giving visions of wonderment...
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Chill Out Heavens 5

Track Length:  4.56

Atmospheric piece with full sampled horn and orchestral sounds creating a majestic track. It is not in a rush but is later joined by piano and drums.
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Chill Out Heavens 6

Track Length:  5.15

Electric piano and use of the bell tree give this track a distinct 80's feel. Background music or retro soundtrack.
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Chill Out Heavens 7

Track Length:  5.05

Sampled orchestra starts slowly with voice synths and haunting piano and harp melody. A fairly romantic track that would work in a love scene.
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Chill Out Heavens 8

Track Length:  5.07

Bells and broad chords give this a soundscape feel with an atmospheric backdrop to a panpipe melody and strong bass notes.
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Chill Out Heavens 9

Track Length:  4.50

World instruments and delicate sounds in this track give it a slight oriental feel.
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