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Evening Sun

Track Length:  1.14 | Additional Versions : 4

Relaxed and calm, this track played on a Spanish guitar has a slightly regal air about it. Never flustered or hurried, it moves along at a slowish tem...
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Beloved Children

Track Length:  1.55 | Additional Versions : 4

Light and playful, this piece featuring Spanish guitar sparkles with energy and enthusiasm. Upbeat and uplifting, this track will fill you with joy a...
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Track Length:  1.06 | Additional Versions : 3

A virtuoso performance on a Spanish guitar gives this short track a real sense of fragility despite not always being so calm and tranquil. Wonderful m...
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Costa De La Luz

Track Length:  2.41 | Additional Versions : 4

Happy, upbeat and uplifting Spanish guitar track. a big party atmosphere is generated by energetic and lively playing which contains all manner of pla...
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Track Length:  2.56 | Additional Versions : 3

This laid back and free interpretation of J.S.Bach's bourree in e minor on Spanish guitar is much more relaxed than the usual rhythmical Baroque versi...
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Track Length:  1.12

Nightmarish and surreal, this short piece on Spanish guitar will set you on edge with its detuned melodies and chords. a track designed to disorientat...
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El Torro

Track Length:  1.17 | Additional Versions : 1

Beautiful melodies sing out in this tranquil Spanish guitar serenade. a sense of comfort and loving protection emerge from the track which is always c...
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Flamenco Party

Track Length:  2.27 | Additional Versions : 4

Intricate and quick hands and fingers rush over a Spanish guitar providing quick strums, slaps and pulls. A sense of a euphoria and joy extends across...
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Free Horses

Track Length:  1.33 | Additional Versions : 2

Spanish guitar melodies evolve from sweet, slow strums through to loud determined strokes accompanied by guitar slaps for percussive effect. An emotio...
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Track Length:  2.10 | Additional Versions : 3

Flowing and playful, this light piece for Spanish guitar has a calm air to it. Almost in a classical Baroque style, the pretty melodies glide along ef...
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