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Snowy White Villa

Track Length:  4.27

This reflective and relaxing Greek bazouki music conjures up images of the perfect Greek landscape. Think of a beautiful and blissful sunny day in Gre...
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Meditation 05

Track Length:  10.24

Synthesised, soft orchestral sounds give this track a gentle and relaxing feel accompanied by light piano notes and bell sounds.
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Hula Beach

Track Length:  4.40

Happy music with Hawaiian guitar. Conjures up images of grass skirts, sunshine and tropical beaches.
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Good King Wenceslas (GJ)

Track Length:  4.04

Orchestrated version of the Christmas classic. Builds into a happy symphony of voices, bells and horns. Reminds you of Christmas shopping with a band ...
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Track Length:  2.10

Well known, bright and feel good classical piano track.
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Dragon Fire

Track Length:  5.08

Slow oriental ballad with flute and harp creating a beautiful, delicate and emotive piece.
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Meditation 01

Track Length:  8.02

A slow and relaxing track with repetitive, hypnotic piano and strings.
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Aromatherapy 04

Track Length:  6.47

Electric piano, flute and harp sounds accompany this synthesiser-based track which is ideal as relaxing and meditative background music.
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Land of the Tiger

Track Length:  5.20

Atmospheric piece influenced by the oriental sounds of Beijing that could narrate an emotional and poignant story in music.
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Spirit Paths

Track Length:  5.24

Delicate piece with strong drum beats and a reflective quality.
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