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Cafe Mumbai

Indian inspired rhythms and music fused with contemporary sounds and western instruments. Ideal for travel / culture related productions or as background music. PRO free, no PRS, Public Safe Music.

Results for Cafe Mumbai

Indy Echo

Track Length:  4.33

A mid-tempo Indian track with sitars and ethnic sounds throughout including percussion and vocal samples. The track has an optimistic feel to it.
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Track Length:  4.09

Indian influenced track with sitar, drums and flute accompanied by piano and guitar in the background. Has a western feel to it.
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Emotion Devotion

Track Length:  4.11

Sitar, Indian drums and percussion create an atmospheric piece that conjures a mystical feel before developing into a positive soundtrack.
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Late Night DJ Supra

Track Length:  4.51

Energetic Indian piece that would suit dance and movement. World drums, sitar and vocal samples feature.
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Track Length:  5.24

Sitar and western drums create an atmospheric beginning with slight tension and chaos before world instruments take over with an ethnic style melody. ...
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Hindi Love

Track Length:  5.48

Atmospheric intro with distant sitar, drums and ambient sounds. The piece develops with a clear sitar melody and rock guitar in the background.
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The Guru

Track Length:  3.24

Lively Hindi track with ethnic and western sounds. Listening to this busy track you can imagine the bustling streets of Mumbai.
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In 10 City

Track Length:  5.13

Slow atmospheric start with vocal samples before a fast ethnic rhythm kicks in with sitar and acoustic piano. The piece is energetic and conjures up s...
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Sofa Mofa

Track Length:  3.46

Energetic up-tempo Indian influenced track with sitar and ethnic instruments combined with western instruments.
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Set Adrift

Track Length:  3.36

Percussive sounds and sitars create an Indian feel that is optimistic in places. Busy mix with lots gong on, just like an Indian city.
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