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Guide for Businesses Using Music On Hold (MOH)

This guide is for companies considering using our royalty free music as music on hold, but also provides some general information about using mainstream music, and telephone systems.
When a caller is placed on hold it is much better to provide music to listen to rather than silence. Research shows that callers hangup sooner if they are left in silence.

Better still, combine music and voice over messages to provide information about your company and services/products. We offer an on hold marketing option if that is what you are looking for.

Playing your favourite music cd to callers on-hold is an option but you will need to get a licence to do this.

A brief background 

Mainstream music is owned by the major record labels. They get various royalty collecting societies to collect royalties on their behalf for use of their music. This includes using mainstream music on hold.

There are various collection societies around the world that collect royalties for the mainstream record labels. PRS and PPL in the UK. They will sell you an annual licence for your company to use mainstream music. The cost can vary considerably based on a number of factors.

Using royalty free music can be more cost effective especially if the music is being used in multiple offices.

Using our Royalty Free Music

Using royalty free music may seem like a good way to avoid paying for mainstream music licensing, but you must check each company's terms of use. The information given here is based on our licence agreement. We have to tell you this as every royalty free music agreement differs in its terms and usage policy.
You can certainly use our music in your on hold system, however, this does not mean that you will not be approached by third party collection agencies asking you to pay additional licences. This is because it is the agencies job to contact companies who are using music and they assume you don't have a licence if you are not in their database.
In the case of our music the composers have signed an agreement to waive additional royalty collections from agencies for on-hold use. This means that you can use our music in your on-hold system without further payments. If you do get contacted by collecting societies then we can confirm that the composer has been paid and that you have a licence to use the music from Media Music Now. In our experience this has always been enough to dissuade collection societies from contacting you in the future.

Playing Audio Over the Telephone

We do not sell or support telephone systems, however, we can offer some clues on where to start your research.

Basic mp3 player

There are a range of relatively inexpensive mp3 players on the market that connect to your telephone system and play mp3s in a continuous loop. We have this type of system. Here is a blog post documenting purchasing it and setting it up: How do I get my on hold messages onto my phone?

There are many providers for this type of equipment. We got ours from a local Manchester firm, PMCtelecom.co.uk

Online systems

If you require business telephone numbers and routing options that you can change online, then there are companies that provide this type of service for an affordable monthly fee.
You are able to add menu options and on hold marketing audio of your choice via an online dashboard. You can also route numbers to any phone instantly.
Such a company is Numbers-plus.com

VoIP systems

If you require a more complex system with multiple telephone lines and multiple department options then a VoIP system might be a better option. 
VoIP (voice over IP) makes use of the internet and allow businesses to have elaborate telephone routing options. This works in a similar way to how the free software, Skype works. The analogue signal is digitised and sent as packets of information using internet protocols (IP).
The are lots of specialists in VoIP systems, Servicesforasterisk.co.uk is a specialist local to Manchester.

Do your homework

This is by no means a conclusive list but should give you a starting point in your research. We are not affiliated with any of these third parties but they are a good starting point. It is your responsibility to research you requirements and options in terms of telephone systems.

We can help you with...

We hope this has been useful and we look forward to any feedback you have.

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