PRS Background Music vs. Royalty Free Music


Can I avoid PRS / PPL fees by playing royalty free music in my venue? It is often an assumption that any royalty-free music can be played in public as background music, avoiding the cost of PRS / PPL fees. As with many things related to music licensing, there is a little more to it. This article explains further and offers the pros and cons. To start with, it needs to be … [Read more...]

How Can We Help You?

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At Media Music Now our aim is to help clients and visitors as much as possible from our website. This is not always easy as our area of business can be complex and, at times, overwhelming for users. For example, music licensing is a complicated subject fraught with confusing and varying policies. For instance, many people do not realise that there is no standard royalty free … [Read more...]

Audio Book Copyright Question

We recently received an interesting question via our website from Anthony about audio book copyright. I decided to answer it in a blog post as it may be relevant to others. Anthony's question about audio book copyright I would like to know if a company that sells audiobooks has the right to copyright a book. For example, someone posted an excerpt from a book called (pardon … [Read more...]

I have used your royalty free music for on hold use, do I need to pay any additional licenses?

From time to time our clients are approached by PRO's (Performance Royalty Organisations) and asked to pay royalties for using our music in their phone system. This usually comes as a shock as they are often using royalty free music to save money on royalties. The problem arises because many independent composers put their music in PRO's so that they may get additional … [Read more...]

Ball Park Figures Please!

The No.1 question I get from enquiries about custom music and voice-over jobs is '"Can I have a ball park figure please?" Although a very fair question, it is difficult to answer on the spot. Part of me wants to be able to give them an answer there and then, however, in most cases it is impossible to do so from a single phone call or email. We can give estimates for some … [Read more...]

Lee, What is an infomercial?

An infomercial is an advert that is longer in length than the usual 30-second advert you see on TV. The length of an infomercial is in minutes rather than seconds and can be the length of a programme. The point of an infomercial is to educate the viewer whilst having a strong bias on advertising / selling a product or service. A great example can be found on shopping … [Read more...]

Fight those Music Pirates! Get Your Own Audio Watermark

Music Pirate

Running a royalty free music business, I have become somewhat of an authority on the subject of music licensing. Although, having said that, this post is not directly about music licensing, it is an observation on the illegal / inconsiderate use of copyrighted material on the web and how you, as an independent composer / producer, band or artist need to protect your assets and … [Read more...]

Podcasting Incorporating Office Files

New to podcasting...I keep reading about only audio files for mp3. How hard would it be to incorporate office files (.xls, .doc, .pdf...etc.). As training coordinator I want to start utilizing Podcasting for employees and students in our training program. Question by: David Riggenbach Eaton … [Read more...]

I am being played on local radio, I should join PRS! Right?

I have been in many discussions about the role of PRS I have been asked the following question numerous times by new composers and bands. When should I join PRS? In short I would say it is a judgement call on your part. In my experience, there are certain old school managers / music industry advisers that will have you believe it is the first thing you need to do in order to … [Read more...]